Artful Mornings

Artful Mornings 2015

Tuesdays-Thursdays 9AM–Noon
$60 non-members; $45 members per week
Tuition includes materials and museum admission.
Registration is required and space is limited.
For security reasons registration must be on a desktop, and not on a mobile device or tablet.
Scholarships May Be Available
For more information contact Barbara Collins at 463-4478 ext. 405 or by e-mail at
Join us to dabble in landscape art, book arts, and more as we make beautiful pieces of art! In these weekly, three-day morning programs, children will create vibrant works of art inspired by our summer exhibitions and our permanent collections. Summer class techniques will include drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, and collage.


Wearable Art
Week 1: July 7-9 (Ages 6-12) 
Don't hide your art away; wear it with pride.  Join us to decorate your own t-shirts, hats, and more as we explore the world of textile art.  We'll take inspiration from some of the museum's collections and objects on display in the Triple Play! Baseball at the Albany Institute exhibition.
Paint!-Registration is currently full!
Week 2: July 14-16 (Ages 6-12) 
Brush with greatness this week as you get creative with paint.  We'll try out paint mediums like tempera, and watercolor and experiment with brushstrokes, paint additives, and resist as we create our own masterpieces.
Paper Craft-Registration is currently full!
Week 3: July 21-23 (Ages 6-12) 
Discover the field of book arts with us as we create our own crafty book designs.  We'll make decorative book cover designs through techniques like paste paper and paper marbling, and create books in accordion and clamshell formats.
Lovely Landscapes-Registration is currently full!
Week 4: July 28-30 (Ages 6-12) 
Join us for a treerific time as we take in the natural beauty of landscapes.  We'll draw upon the work of Walter Launt Palmer, and the museum's Hudson River School paintings as inspiration as we create our own lovely landscape art.
Choose Your Own Artventure
Week 5: August 4-6 (Ages 6-12) 
This week we'll go on an adventure and set up the studio for choice based art.  Choice based art is also called T.A.B. which stands for Teaching Artistic Behavior and is designed to strengthen children's creative thinking skills.  A theme or artistic challenge is presented with choices of art materials and methods to complete their projects.
Art in 3-D
Week 6: August 11-13 (Ages 6-12)  -Registration is currently full!
Watch your art take form as you build 3-D skills.  We'll build works in clay, wire, papier-mache, and more as we create work that truly stands out.
Egypt: A Step Back in Time-Registration is currently full!
Week 7: August 18-20 (Ages 6-12) 
Travel back to ancient Egypt, as we discover artifacts and symbols in the museum's ancient Egypt exhibition.  We'll discover papyrus, & ceramics and make our own versions of jars and ancient papers in the art studio!
What a Relief!
Week 8: August 25-27 (Ages 6-12) -Registration is currently full!
In relief sculpture the material is slightly raised or carved above a flat background.  We'll create multiple types of relief sculpture with materials like clay, plaster, and found objects and be inspired by the museum's 19th century sculpture court.
Trick of the Eye
Week 9: September 1-3 (Ages 6-12) 
Let's make it tricky!  This week we'll create artwork to fool your eyes.  Join us to explore the effect of 3-D glasses as we check out the art of Eric Egas.  We'll see if we can recreate some of the optical effects used in his work in our own drawings and experiment with the illusions found in Op Art styles.