Artful Mornings

Artful Mornings 2014

Tuesdays-Thursdays 9AM–Noon
$60 non-members; $45 members per week
Tuition includes materials and museum admission.
Registration is required and space is limited.
Scholarships Are Available
For more information contact Barbara Collins at 463-4478 ext. 405 or by e-mail at
Join us to experiment with size, color, and more as we make beautiful pieces of art!  In these weekly, three-day morning programs, children will create vibrant works of art inspired by our summer exhibitions as well as permanent collection.  We will explore a variety of topics including  patterns, photography, Egypt, and the natural world.  Summer class techniques will include, painting, sculpture, printing, and collage.


Small and Special
Week 1: July 1-3 (Ages 6-12) 
Step in and take a close look at the Albany Institute's vibrant collection of small scale contemporary art!  We'll take things down to a small scale and create lively works like dioramas, small sculpture, and tiny multimedia pieces.
Big and Bright
Week 2: July 8-10 (Ages 6-12) 
Think big!  This week we'll spread out and work on a large scale to create bold new works.  We'll build big as we delve into the world of sculpture, and make room for other bright and fun large works of art.
It's a Colorful World!
Week 3: July 15-17 (Ages 6-12) 
Explore the world of color and learn more about color schemes, complementary colors, and how to make things pop!
Playful Portraits
Week 4: July 22-24 (Ages 6-12) 
Join us as we investigate the Albany Institute's portraiture and use it as inspiration for our own multimedia projects.  We'll experiment with drawing, painting, and more!  You'll also have the opportunity to be inspired by our 19th century sculpture, and carve and paint your own figure.
Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!
Week 5: July 29-31 (Ages 6-12) 
Discover the world of pattern making with us!  We'll be inspired by the patterns on glass vases, and dishware in the Albany Institute's collection and try out our own designs with techniques like scraffito.  We'll also enjoy printmaking, clay, and other art mediums.
Snap to It!
Week 6: Aug. 5-7 (Ages 6-12) 
Join us as we use the Albany Institute's photography exhibition as motiviation in our own work.  We'll experiment with transferring images, altering photographs, and found images.  Photographs and photography will be the starting inspiration as we take the images into our own hands.
Beautiful Botanicals
Week 7: Aug. 12-14 (Ages 6-12) 
This week we'll plant some ideas together and watch our art grow!  We'll find signs of plant life within the galleries and create our own beautiful pieces of art.  We'll paint landscapes and trees, while trying out different perspectives and color schemes.  We'll also use real natural items in collages, and prints.
Green Art
Week 8: Aug. 19-21 (Ages 6-12) 
Let's go green!  We'll see how eco-friendly we can get as we turn recycled materials into great new works of art.  This week we'll create our own homemade recycled paper, and use it to paint, draw, and collage.  We'll also make sculptures, prints, and more using recycled materials!
Week 9: Aug. 26-28 (Ages 6-12) 
Let's celebrate this month's reinstallation of the mummies!  Together we'll learn more about the Albany Institute's mummies, as well as Egyptian symbols, gods, and goddesses.  We'll try our hand at some model mummification, as well as experiment in clay, and jewelry.