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A Place in History:
Albany in the Age of Revolution, 1775–1825

356 pages

By Warren Roberts


This book, published in 2010, is a fascinating journey into Albany’s historic past. Written by Warren Roberts, distinguished teaching professor of history at the University at Albany, A Place in History explores the critical role that the city played in the years during the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the construction of the Erie Canal. Roberts delights in retelling the stories of men and women who were caught up in the tides of history, exposing their public lives as well as their private intrigues, dalliances, and foibles. In Roberts’s writing, we see that the history that unfolded in Albany and along the Hudson River between 1775 and 1825 saved one revolution, caused another, and transformed the city, state, and our newly formed nation.


Albany Architecture:
A Guide to the City

278 pages
180 illustrations

Edited by Diana S. Waite with Photographs by Gary Gold and Mark McCarty


This beautifully photographed guidebook invites the reader to experience the architectural treasures of one of America's oldest cities from its settlement by the Dutch in the seventeenth century to the present. The works of nationally renowned architects including H. H. Richardson, Stanford White, and Wallace K. Harrison are featured, along with buildings by local designers such as Philip Hooker and Marcus T. Reynolds. Essays by Matthew Bender, Paul R. Huey, and Michael F. Lynch provide an overview, while eight carefully researched and mapped tours written by Cornelia Brooke Gilder, Anthony Opalka, Lorraine E. Weiss, and Duncan E. Hay beckon the reader to explore Albany's monumental public buildings, historic commercial center, and residential neighborhoods.


Architects in Albany

96 pages
98 illustrations

Edited by Diana S. Waite


Thirty-six architects—including Philip Hooker, Marcus T. Reynolds, Robert Gibson, Patrick C. Keely, Thomas Fuller, Henry H. Richardson, and Leopold Eidlitz—are profiled in this book copublished by the Historic Albany Foundation and Mount Ida Press. These designers and their firms played a major role in creating Albany's distinctive skyline and its handsome streetscapes. Some of the featured architects made Albany their longtime home, while others came to town to shape a single building. Together they created many of the churches, banks, government buildings, monuments, and private homes that have become important icons in the city of Albany.


Capitol Story, 3rd Edition

222 pages

C. R. Roseberry


Long-awaited third-edition of C. R. Roseberry's classic Capitol Story. first published in 1964.

This revised and expanded edition includes new information based on research done over the past twenty years, and brings the story up to date with a new chapter on the extensive interior and exterior restorations that were completed in 2013. The book also includes scores of new, specially commissioned, full-color photographs; notes; and an index. 

  • Revisions and additional research by the New York State Office of General Services
  • New chapter by Diana S. Waite
  • New photography by Gary David Gold
  • Foreword by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo