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Albany Institute of History & Art
125 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: 518-463-4478
Fax: 518-462-1522

Staff Directory

Director's Office

Tammis K. Groft, executive director: grofttk@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 423


W. Douglas McCombs, PhD, chief curator: mccombsd@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 428
Diane Shewchuk, curator: shewchukd@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 441
Allison Munsell, digitization operations manager, rights and reproductions: munsella@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 424
Tom Nelson, exhibition and graphic designer: nelsont@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 438


W. Douglas McCombs, PhD, chief curator: mccombsd@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 428
Diane Shewchuk, curator: shewchukd@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 441


Erika Sanger, director of education: sangere@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 404
Barbara Collins, education coordinator: collinsb@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 405
Sarah Clowe, museum educator: clowes@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 435


Susan Hsu, director of finance and human resources: hsus@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 465
Scott Stewart, finance assistant: stewarts@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 420


Nancy Laribee, director of development and communications: laribeen@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 402
Aine Leader-Nagy, marketing associate: leader.nagya@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 408
Briana Thomas, membership coordinator: membership@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 412

Visitor Services

Susan Keegan, visitor services assistant, information@albanyinstitute.org
Ron Ross, visitor services assistant, information@albanyinstitute.org
Barbara Speck, visitor services assistant, information@albanyinstitute.org

Museum Shop

Elizabeth Bechand, shop manager: museumshop@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 455


Joe Benassi, director of facilities operations: benassij@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 444
Janine Moon, security officer: frontdesk@albanyinstitute.org, ext. 453