'Tute for Tots

Preschool Program for Ages 3-5 with an Adult

Discover the world of art together!

In this program, parents and children explore the museum's galleries, read stories, have a great time with sensory play exploration, and create exciting art projects!


'Tute for Tots Summer 2015

Summer 2015 Theme: Opposites
Ages 3-5 with an Adult
Friday Mornings 10AM-11:30AM
July 10th - September 4
$10 non-members; $8 members per class
For more information contact Barbara Collins at 463-4478 ext. 405 or by e-mail at collinsb@albanyinstitute.org
  'Tute for Tots classes give children, and parents a chance to discover the Albany Institute, and the world of art together.  In this program we'll explore the galleries, read stories, have a great time with sensory play exploration, and create our own exciting art projects.  Each week will build upon the last, however individual class registration is available.
Opposites!  This summer we'll discover many types of opposites as we explore everything from texture to light to temperature.  Together we'll explore the galleries, read stories, create our own exciting art projects, and have a great time with sensory play exploration.  In the studio we'll create our artwork using methods like painting, collage and weaving. 
July 10: Big & Little REGISTRATION FULL
Join us as we start our summer exploration of opposites in our 'Tute for Tots program.  In our first week we'll explore size scale in a big and little theme.  We'll play with non standard measuring units as we learn basic measuring skills and create our own artwork by exploring how many small shapes we can fit and glue into one larger shape.
July 17: Dark & Light  REGISTRATION FULL
This week we'll explore dark and light by discovering the value scale in art.  We'll have fun with paint as we mix tints and shades with white and black.
July 24: Soft & Rough  REGISTRATION FULL
Let's get hands on as we explore textures and our sense of touch!  We'll create texture collages with both soft and rough surfaces and enjoy sensory play while discovering and sorting items by texture.
Splish splash!  We'll compare wet and dry scenes in the galleries and enjoy wet art in the studio.  We'll see what happens when you spray water on dry marker drawings and special art tissue paper.  We'll also explore using sponges in our art and play.
August 7: Flat & Form REGISTRATION FULL
What is form?  The opposite of flat!  Together we'll discover art that is flat, and art that pops out, and create our own work that will truly stand out.
August 14: Cold & Warm REGISTRATION FULL
Join us for a truly cool art class as we dive into the theme of cold and warm.  We'll look for cold and warm scenes in the galleries and then get hands on in the studio to test techniques like using frozen paint in our work.
August 21: Up & Down
Together we'll explore the opposite theme of up and down.  We'll stretch our bodies and look for artwork in the galleries that is up high and down low.  In the studio we'll have a blast trying out the up and down, over and under motion of simple weaving.
August 28: Messy & Neat
What better opposites than messy and neat?  We'll practice our determination and concentration by neatly matching lines and shapes, and then get a little loose and wild with some unusual painting techniques.
September 4: Happy & Sad
This week we'll explore emotions.  We'll find the happiest and saddest artwork we can find in the galleries, discover how colors can make us feel, and create some funny faces.