'Tute for Tots

Preschool Program for Ages 3-5 with an Adult

Discover the world of art together!

In this program, parents and children explore the museum's galleries, read stories, have a great time with sensory play exploration, and create exciting art projects!


'Tute for Tots Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Theme: Nature
Ages 3-5 with an Adult
Friday Mornings 10AM-11:30AM
July 8th - September 2nd
$12 non-members; $10 members per class
For more information contact 463-4478 or by e-mail at clowes@albanyinstitute.org
  'Tute for Tots classes give children, and parents a chance to discover the Albany Institute, and the world of art together.  In this program we'll explore the galleries, read stories, have a great time with sensory play exploration, and create our own exciting art projects.  In the studio we’ll create our artwork using methods like finger paint, wet on wet painting, tissue paper staining, collage, and more!   Each week will build upon the last, however individual class registration is available.

July 8th: Flowers
Join us as we start our summer nature theme in our ‘Tute for Tots program.  In our first week we’ll take a look at floral artwork.  We’ll admire the beautiful flowers on view in the galleries, and then let our own artistic skills bloom in the studio.
July 15: Fruits
Do you have a favorite fruit?  Take a look at still life paintings of fruit in the museum, and then have some fun in the studio as we try out engaging painting, and printing methods.  We’ll create images of fruit in our artwork, and use real fruits to make our art.
July 22: Trees - Registration is now full
What can be as lovely as a tree?  Join us for a tree-ific time as we find trees in the galleries and “grow” our own tree art.
July 29: Wood- Registration is now full
This week we’ll see how many items in the galleries are made out of wood as we identify artist’s materials.  We’ll have a blast as we explore loose wooden parts and glue together our own constructions.
August 5: Birds-Registration is now full
Join us on a birding expedition, as we go on a hunt for feathered friends in the museum.  We’ll take a look at birds in paintings and in decorative arts, and make some feathery art of our own.
August 12: Animals-Registration is now full
Join us as we moo-ve on over to the galleries and see how many animals we can find!  We’ll create our own animal art to bring home as well!
August 19 Water
Splish splash!  This week we’ll compare wet and dry scenes in the artwork in the gallery, and then enjoy some fun and wet art in the studio.  We’ll try out what happens if you spray water on dry materials like marker drawings, and special art tissue paper.  We’ll also explore using sponges in our art and play.
August 26: Rainbows
Let’s explore color!  Together we’ll find out what colors are in rainbows and find rainbows and their colors in the galleries.  We’ll make our own bright, beautiful rainbows to bring home.
September 2: Mountains
This week we’ll make some lovely landscape scenes, as we admire mountains.  We’ll recognize mountain forms in Hudson River School paintings, and have fun with texture as we create our own mountainous collage scenes.