Vacation Art Break

The Albany Institute offers art programs during December, February, and April recesses from school.  In these programs, students will have the opportunity to explore the Institute's galleries. Students will be inspired by master and contemporary artists throughout history as well as experiment with a variety of mediums, tools, and techniques while examining and applying the elements and principles of design.

April Art Break 2015 Put On Your Game Face!

Put On Your Game Face! 

Tuesday, April 7 – Thursday, April 9

Ages 6-12    9 AM – Noon


In this three day drop off program, students will be caught up in the excitement of baseball through the Triple Play: Baseball at the Albany Institute exhibition.  We'll have a ball as we design our own baseball caps, create winning trophies,capture the movement of the game through gesture drawings, and the light and shadows of a sphere as we paint baseballs, and much more!

Tuition includes materials and museum admission.

Registration is required and space is limited.

Register online at


$45 members/$60 non-members for the three day session

Space is limited and registration required.

Registration Tips:

-Please use a desktop computer for registration as mobile devices do not have the required security needed.

-Login and password in the registration process is optional.