Book Arts School Partnership

2019-2020 Book Arts

Museum School Partnership Program

In the 2019-20120 school year, approximately 340 students from the City School Districts of Albany and Troy participated in an interdisciplinary program which took place both in a classroom and museum setting.  Throughout the school year, students kept sketchbooks and took part in observational drawing lessons that encouraged them to reflect upon their everyday life and surroundings in a thoughtful manner.  Students built a collection of drawings in their sketchbooks with the guidance of four different teaching artists in addition to their classroom and art teachers.  The project culminated with the children selecting their favorite drawings from the program and placing them in handmade portfolio books along with captions describing their artwork.  These portfolio books were handcrafted by the classes during two museum visits.  In the creation of their books, students practiced measuring and mathematic skills and hand-eye coordination as they glued their cover papers to boards, and folded, stitched, and glued their books together.

Book Arts classroom lessons were led by a naturalist illustrator, a children's book illustrator, archaeologists, and museum educators.  During two museum visits, the students not only constructed hardcover books but also had the opportunity to tour multiple museum exhibitions.  Each student selected one page from their book to be photographed can be viewed on the museum’s website in the galleries below.  The drawings in these galleries include self-portraits, natural imagery of animal and plant life, images of artifacts, views of their classrooms, as well as drawings of objects the students viewed in the museum galleries. 

Due to spring school closures in relation to preventing the spread of COVID-19 we were only able to complete our final classroom visit and digitalization of student work at two of the 5 schools involved, Carroll Hill Elementary and New Scotland Elementary.  We value the work of all of the students in the program and while we do not have photos of each student's artwork in the program this year we are sharing any photographs we may have documenting the other 3 schools' participation in the program.

The teaching artists involved in the school partnership include:

The Book Arts school partnership program is partially funded by NYSCA and is also supported by the Carl E. Touhey Foundation, Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, and Questar III.


Click on the images below to view the individual school galleries.