A Studio Reception, Paris

Thomas Pritchard Rossiter (1818-1871)
Date: 1841
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 32 H x 39 5/8 W
Provenance: Descended in the Rossiter family to Ellen W. Boyd, cousin of the artist, to Albany Institute in 1916
Credit: Gift of Miss Ellen W. Boyd
Accession Number: 1916.4.1

Thomas Rossiter was friends with many prominent American landscape painters, but followed a different artistic path. He was convinced that emotional sentiment was the most significant aspect of any painting. Painted in the artist's Paris studio in 1841, this picture shows nine men surrounding a painter, along with two women who are perhaps posing for the artist. Some believe the scene represents Rossiter himself with his American expatriate friends. Whoever the individuals are, the painting has come to represent American artists' life abroad, showing their close friendship and sense of interdependence. Money was lent to whoever needed it, studios were shared, and hospitality was extended to all. Seen in this context, this is a portrait not only of individuals, but of the camaraderie among American artists abroad.