Coffin Base with Goddess of the West

Akhmim, Egypt
Date: Early Ptolemaic Period, ca. 305–200 BC
Maker: Akhmim, Egypt
Medium: Wood and pigment
Dimensions: 5 ½ x 69 x 19 ½ in
Credit: Gift of Samuel W. Brown
Accession Number: 1909.18.2b

Based on the style of mummification and wrappings, this mummy dates from the later periods of Ancient Egyptian history.  X-rays taken at Albany Medical College reveal that this person was between 55 and 65 years old when he died.  His shaven head may indicate that he was a priest and his red tinted fingernails indicate that he was a high status individual.  The elaborate pattern of the fine linen bandages is typical of this period. They have been soaked with a blackened tree sap that was mistaken for pitch; the Persian word for this substance was ‘mummiya,” which is where the term “mummy”