Dibblee & Brown Account Book, 1827-1835

Dibblee & Brown
Date: 1827-1835
Author: Dibblee & Brown
Purpose: Business accounts
Binding: Leather binding
Materials: Ink on paper bound in leather
Credit: Albany Institute of History & Art Library
Catalogue Number: GJ 77-37, b3, f2
The Albany, NY, business of Dibblee & Brown operated from the early 1820s to 1838. Located at the corner of State and Dock Streets, Dibblee & Brown were merchants, and commission and forwarding agents. They owned sloops, towboats, and canal boats, and chartered sloops and steamboats to transport goods and commodities on the Hudson River and Erie Canal. Partners included Allen Brown (1768-1852) and Henry Dibblee (1778-1840), while Silas and Stanton Brown managed the business in New York City. Elias Brown, son of Allen Brown and his wife Nancy, was a Hudson River pilot and captain of the steamboat North America.