Indian Deed for Three Islands in Hudson River Opposite Green Island, May 31, 1664

Willem Hoffmeyer
Date: 1664
Author: Willem Hoffmeyer
Purpose: Land transaction between Willem Hoffmeyer and Native Americans
Credit: Albany Institute of History & Art Library
Digital Data Number: DI 112
Catalogue Number: ms-2369/6

To-day, the last of May 1664, Willem Hoffmeyer bought with the approbation of the honble Director of the Colony of Rensselaerwyck for the behoof of the Lord Patroon and his Co-Director of said Colony from the Indians Ansinaneth and Squischecan, Mahicanders, acting for themselves and for their blood relations and heirs, who acknowledge to have sold and conveyed herewith as absolute, free property certain three islands in the North river between the first and second Spruyt, opposite the Green Island, with all privileges, preeminences and prerogatives thereof and all appendices and dependencies thereto belonging, without reserving for themselves any claim or pretension whatever thereto: for which they, the grantors, acknowledge to have been fully and satisfactorily paid by the following goods: Two rugs, two muskets, two kettles, four handfuls of powder, two bars of lead, one fur cap, two shirts, ten strings of wampum, five strings of tobacco, one child's coat of duffels, one child's shirt, six knives, one hatchet, one adze, two pouches, two p. of socks, one duffel coat. They promise therefore never to do nor allow to be done anything contrary hereto; all in good faith, done in the Colony of Rensselaerwyck, date as above, interpreted by Jacob Theunissen and Jan Mangelsen (well versed in the Mahican tongue) hereto requested. Willem Hoffmeyer. [Marks or signatures of] Ansinaneth, Squischecan, Jacob Theunissen, Jan Mangelsen. As witness [with marks or signatures] Pacamanth, Sauwachquanent, alias Joncker, G. Swartt. To my knowledge D. V. Schellwyne, Secrt. 1664