Date: Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, ca. 664–30 BC
Maker: Egyptian
Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: 6 ¾ H x 2 W
Credit: Gift of Heinrich Medicus
Accession Number: 2013.1.12
A pail for carrying holy water or another liquid to be used in temple offerings is usually called a situla. On the sides of this example, a priest makes an offer to the deities Min, Isis, Hatmehit, Mephthys, Osiris, Horus, and Thoth. Above them, the boat of the sun, pulled by jackals, crosses the sky, while baboons worship the occurrence. At the bottom are the god Nefertum and two Apis bulls along with Sobek, Thueris, Hathor, and the souls of Pe. The bottom of the vessel reveals an open lotus flower. The situla originally had a bail handle attached to the two loops at the top.