Information and Fee Schedule

Rights and reproduction requests are processed within 2 to 4 weeks.

Note: All requests for images and/or usage rights must be received in writing (via email or standard mail)

Not-for-Profit Pricing: Customers other than students and/or academic researchers must provide proof of not-for-profit status.

Please direct correspondence to:

Attn: Laura Morrill

Albany Institute of History & Art
125 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210


The Albany Institute of History & Art Images offer the highest quality and are suitable for all types of reproduction including custom AIHA replicas printed in house. 

Albany Institute members receive a 10% discount on print order.

AIHA Archival Replicas are superior to other prints because of the technique, expertise, and materials used. Our digital imaging specialist carefully color matches the printed reproduction against the original work of art in our collection, ensuring the highest degree of fidelity. The finest archival pigment inks and rag paper are used. Studies show that these replicas will last more than 100 years without any noticeable fading or deterioration if handled and framed correctly.

5 x 8  $15.95

8 ½ x 11  $24.95

13 x 19  $44.95

17 x 22  $54.95

Inquire about selling Albany Institute of History & Art reproductions in your shop.

Section I - IMAGE FEES (Exclusive of Usage Rights Fees):

Photograph of 2D Object $150 per item
Photograph of 3D Object $200 per item
Editorial Print Quality:
(300 dpi/10” long dimension/TIFF/approx. 20 MB)
$30 per digital image file $50 per digital image file
High-Resolution Quality:
(600 dpi/10” long dimension/TIFF/approx. 80 MB)
$50 per digital image file $80 per digital image file
Super-High-Resolution Quality:
(800 dpi/10” long dimension/TIFF/approx. 150 MB)
$75 per digital image file $90 per digital image file

Larger-resolution files are available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

The Albany Institute of History & Art does not provide custom retouching services.  Images of historic materials may reveal scratches, abrasions, and other evidence of the age and condition of the originals.

  • Domestic Distribution Fee (one edition, one language): included in the Standard Usage Fee.
  • Worldwide Distribution Fee (one edition, one language): equal to two times (2x) the Standard Usage Fee.
  • Worldwide Distribution and World Rights Fee (one edition, all languages): equal to three times (3x) the Standard Usage Fee

Customer must reapply to purchase rights to use an image in any subsequent editions or translations of a text.

Section II - USAGE FEES (Exclusive of Image Fees):

Use of image within the text of a printed book, magazine, newsletter, journal, catalogue, or newspaper article

Print run:

10, 0001-30,000...$125.00

Images used for commercial use for public display in Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
or commercial products…quoted upon request.

Use of image within the text of an unpublished academic thesis or dissertation Fee Waived Fee Waived
Use of image on the cover of a printed book, magazine, newsletter, journal, catalogue, or newspaper $100 per image $200 per image
Use of an image on a printed exhibition panel, or as an exhibition image, for display in a public or private museum, cultural site, or historical site $75 per image …quoted upon request
Use of an image within an e-book or within the e-book version of a printed publication $50 per image $100 per image
Advertising and Promotional Materials (calendars, posters, brochures, cards) $75 per image …quoted upon request
Use of an image on a website or in a mobile application $55 per image …quoted upon request
For use in a PowerPoint presentation (*Fee waived for classroom use only) $30 per image …quoted upon request


Customer must reapply for the purchase of these rights every five years.

Television Broadcast/Film/Video $150 per image ...quoted upon request


  1. Individuals and institutions wishing photographic prints or digital images of works from the Albany Institute's collections must submit in writing an explanation of how the material would be used. Any commercial use (publication, advertising, etc.) must be stated and a quote will be given upon request.
  2. A credit line must appear whenever the photographs are used and must be in a format approved by the Albany Institute of History & Art.
  3. In the case of television or films, a full ownership credit and acknowledgement, as specified by the Albany Institute in the application, must be included in the credits.
  4. The Albany Institute reserves the right to receive, at no charge, two (2) copies of the publication/program.
  5. In the case of printed publications, the Albany Institute reserves the right to examine proofs before final approval is given for publication, as necessary.
  6. Photographs of items within the collections of the Albany Institute of History & Art known or thought to be rare, unpublished, protected by copyright or under restrictions imposed by a donor shall be subject to limited or restricted usage, at the discretion of the Albany Institute.
  7. Reproductions are provided for one time only.  If photographs or digital images are to be used subsequently or for any purpose other than originally designed, written permission for the additional usage must be obtained from the Albany Institute.  Subsequent use may be subject to additional publication fees then in effect.
  8. In the reproduction process, the work illustrated in the digital file or photograph may not be cropped, over-printed with type, or altered in any way, without the prior written approval of the Albany Institute.
  9. Applications for permission to film a work of art requires the same general procedure as with still reproductions, plus full details of the composition and proposed use of the completed film. Principals will be bound by all regulations governing other forms of reproduction.
  10. All responsibilities for questions of copyright that may arise in this copying and in the use made of the copies is assumed by the applicant.