Floral Bouquet Plaque (Plaat)

The Netherlands Maker
1775-1800 Date:
Earthenware, tin glazed with polychrome enamel decoration (faience) Materials
10 1/2 H x 10 1/2 W Dimensions
Gift in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Van Schaick Lansing Pruyn by their daughters, Harriet Langdon Pruyn (Mrs. William Gorham) Rice and Huybertje Lansing Pruyn (Mrs. Charles S.) Hamlin Credit
1911.1.3 Accession number
Chinese porcelain became known to the Dutch in the early 1700s, and they took an immediate liking to the style. Because actual Chinese ceramics were expensive, Dutch manufactured their own tin-glazed earthenware in the Chinese style. This plaque is the finest example of Dutch faience in the museum's collection from the late eighteenth century. It combines a Chinese basket motif with an arrangement of native flowers.
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