Floral Whole Cloth Quilt

Unidentified maker, possibly Van Rensselaer family, New York State Maker
c. 1800 Date:
Fabric probably made in England Maker/Manufacturer
Block-printed cotton with cotton and linen back Medium
91 H x 104 W Dimensions
Gift of Susan Van Rensselaer Dayton Credit
1948.31.135 Accession number
The naturalistic flowers printed on both the central fabric (dating to about 1760 or 1770) and the border fabric (dating slightly later to around 1790 or 1800) reveal the increasing interest in precise observation and illustration of botanical specimens during the European enlightenment of the eighteenth century. These are not the fantastical flowers favored in India for printied chintzes. The expert and lavish quilting set this bed cover apart.
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