Mason Membership Certificate

1814 Date:
Henry William Snyder, Albany, NY Engraver
Henry William Snyder, Albany, NY Publisher
Henry William Snyder, Albany, NY Printer
Engraving on paper Medium
Blue silk ribbon attached to sheet. Inscribed with ink. Materials
7 3/4 H x 10 1/8 W Dimensions
Membership in Temple Lodge, Albany, NY Purpose
Benoni C. Allen Recipient
Albany, NY Publication location
Albany Institute of History & Art Credit
CER S1.f1.n6 Catalogue number
416 Digital ID
Benoni C. Allen served as coroner for Albany and Albany County during the early decades of the nineteenth century. The certificate indicates that he was admitted as a Master Mason in Temple Lodge, Albany, New York, in the year of Masonry 5814 (1814).
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