Presentation Bowl

Tiffany & Co., New York City Maker
1932 Date:
Silver Materials
6 H x 9 5/8 D (at rim) x 4 5/16 D (at base) Dimensions

Marked, on base: TIFFANY & CO./ 20383A MAKERS 12616 / STERLING SILVER/ 925-1000/ M.; Inscribed in two bands below rim: J.R. Adriance W. R. Bascom S. McK. Crosby E. Currie H.L. Fates B.D. Henning E.S. Hunt Jr. H.T. Jones Jr. M.H. Jones E.F. Knight A.L. Lindley Jr. D. Mac.Arthur II G.P. Mills J.K. Winter; and below: E.C. II & E.N.P. / June 23 / 1932

Albany Institute of History & Art Purchase, Aufsesser Fund Credit
1994.1.3 Accession number
While attending Yale University, Erastus Corning II was tapped for membership in the Wolf's Head Society, one of Yale's secret societies. On his wedding to Elizabeth Norris Platt in 1932, fellow members of the society presented the newlyweds with this silver bowl produced by Tiffany & Co.
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