Reflections of Placid Lake

James M. Hart (1828-1901) Artist
1860 Date:
Pencil on paper Medium
5 9/16 H x 6 1/2 W Dimensions
Inscribed along right edge: J. M. Hart, 1860 Inscription
Gift of John Palmer Gavit Credit
1932.7.3 Accession number
In contrast to some of the artist's earlier works, this drawing shows a lighter touch and a greater understanding of spatial illusion. A sharp pencil picks out the foreground grasses, lily pads, tree bark, and foliage. Softer, blurred strokes describe the distant shore, fir trees, and mountains. One can easily imagine the artist descending the path at right, alongside the birches, and coming to a halt at the water's edge. That this landscape vignette was executed on the spot is borne out by the scrupulous attention to small details, and by an inscription by the artist noting the date he created it. Additional comments

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