Shabti of Nefer-ib-re-sa-Neith

Egyptian Maker
Late Period, Dynasty 26, ca. 664–525 BC Date:
Egyptian faience Medium
7 ¾ H x 2 ¼ W x 1 7/8 Diam. Dimensions
Gift of Heinrich Medicus Credit
2013.1.4 Accession number
This shabti figure is identified by inscription as belonging to Wab, priest of King Amasis, Royal Chancellor of Lower Egypt, Administrator of the Palace, son of Schepen-Bastet. He holds the hoe, pick, and seed sack that are standard equipment of such figures, and he wears a divine braided beard and striated tripartite wig. He is shown wrapped as a mummy with the "shabti spell" written in hieroglyphs on his body. When his tomb was found in 1929 at Saqqara, 366 shabtis were found in it. Many were sold to the Service des Antiquités. The shabtis of Neferibresaneith are famous as being among the most beautiful ones of the Late Period.
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