The Battle of Lexington April 19th, 1775 Plate I

Ralph Earl (1751-1801) Artist
1775 Date:
Amos Doolittle (1754-1832) Engraver
Amos Doolittle (1754-1832) Printer
Hand-colored etching and engraving on laid paper Medium
14 3/4 H x 19 1/4 W (sheet) Dimensions

Printed top center margin: The Battle of Lexington, April 19th, 1775. Plate I; printed lower right margin: A. Doolittle Sculpt.; printed lower center margin: 1. Major Pitcarn [sic], at the head of the Regular Granadiers. / 2. The Party, who first fired on the Provincials at Lexington. / 3. Part of the Provincial Company of Lexington. / 4. Regular Companies on the road to Concord. / 5. The Meetinghouse at Lexington. / 6. The Public Inn.

Gift of Dr. Bela J. Ward and H. Judd Ward Credit
1920.2.1 Accession number

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