Vote Republican?

1976 Date:
Unidentified Printer
Black and white half tone print Medium
15 H x 12 ½ W Dimensions
Albany Institute of History & Art Credit
PB436 Catalogue number
DI 764 Digital ID
On September 16, 1976, while then Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was campaigning in Binghamton, New York, he was heckled by a group of liberal students who gestured to Rockefeller with their middle fingers. Rockfeller returned the gesture and was caught on film. In the 1970s, giving one the middle finger was shockingly offensive and following Rockefeller's response it was often referred to as the "Rockefeller salute." That image of Rockefeller was set against a background of Albany's Empire State Plaza, a controversial government complex constructed during Rockefeller's years as New York governor, to create an anti-Republican poster for the 1976 presidential campaign.
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