Artful Mornings 2017

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Tuesdays-Thursdays 9AM–Noon
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Join us as we explore creative movement, simple photography methods, bright colors, and more as we make beautiful pieces of art! In these weekly, three-day morning programs, children will create vibrant works of art inspired by our summer exhibitions and permanent collections. Summer class techniques will include drawing, painting, carving, sculpture, printing, and collage.


Canal Crafting
Week 1: July 11, 12, 13 (Ages 6-12)  
Explore the Erie Canal with us as we take inspiration from the Spotlight: Erie Canal exhibition.  We’ll craft model canal boats, create our own versions of commemorative plates celebrating the Erie Canal and more.
Art and Creative Movement Registration is full
Week 2: July 18, 19, 20(Ages 6-12) 
Young artists will have the opportunity to stretch their creativity and their bodies in this engaging class.  The program will be led by our museum educator who holds a certificate in children’s yoga.  We’ll interpret the angles, shapes and moods we find in the paintings and sculptures on view in the museum with movements and poses, and carry over these shapes and expressions into our own artwork.
Snap to it!
Week 3: July 25, 26, 27 (Ages 6-12) 
Join us as we explore how photographic images have been traditionally created.  We’ll take a special focus on cyanotypes (sun prints), and create our own versions outside.  Using the cyanotype sun print process we’ll also discover more about how negatives were used in traditional photography by creating our own film negatives out of scratch art and developing the images with the help of the sun.
Animals of Ancient Egypt
Week 4: August 1, 2, 3 (Ages 6-12) 
Discover the beauty of ancient Egyptian art and culture!  We’ll find out what types of animals were present in ancient Egypt, and the artwork and stories that were inspired by them.  This class will tour our ancient Egypt galleries, and create art in the studio inspired by what we’ve learned. 
Carve it! Registration is full
Week 5: August 8, 9, 10 (Ages 6-12) 
Explore the world of sculpture with us as we discover how art can be created through carving techniques.  We’ll use simple tools to chip and scrape away materials like soap, clay, and plaster to create our own masterpieces.
Week 6: August 15, 16, 17 (Ages 6-12)  Registration is full
Get colorful with us this summer as we create bright and beautiful art together.  Young artists will discover basic color theory and color mixing as they have a blast using batik, marbling, painting techniques and more. 
The Art of Recycling Registration is full
Week 7: August 22, 23, 24 (Ages 6-12) 
Did you know that you could create fabulous sculptures with reused, and repurposed everyday items? In this class, young artists will bend, fold, reshape and reuse items that might otherwise be thrown out or recycled.  We’ll form wonderful new art out of old materials as we draw inspiration from the sculptures currently on view in the museum’s galleries and courtyard.
Made in the Shade! Registration is full
Week 8: August 29, 30, 31 (Ages 6-12) 
Make your mark as you try out shading techniques in mediums like chalk, oil pastels, and charcoal.  We’ll learn blending, and hatching techniques and find out how adding shadows to our drawings makes them truly stand out.

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