LECTURE & BOOK SIGNING A Road Through Time: Manhattan to the Adirondacks on New York State's First Road

Our guest speaker is author Richard Figiel.

Richard Figiel, Author

Join regional author Richard Figiel on a lively trip through time starting in 1755 near Bowling Green at the tip of Manhattan where an ancient Native American foot path marked the beginning of trail stretching 200 miles north to the Lake George wilderness.

History comes alive as Figiel shares stories of fieldstone farms, abandoned ruins, colonial churches, historic mansions, and forgotten cemeteries that lie along the ancient footpath that morphed over time into a rugged bridle trail, a Dutch cart lane, a critical British “high-way” way, only to be abandoned with the rise of train travel and the industrial revolution.

For years Figiel has walked, biked, and driven from NYC to the Adirondacks searching for physical clues and sifting through historic archives to reveal the story of this important but forgotten road.

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