POP UP EXHIBIT The "Great War" It was Terrible

Join us for this special pop up exhibit honoring Veteran's Day and the 100th anniversary of WWI's end.

Stuart Lehman, Office of General Services, Assistant Curator for the New York State Capitol

100 years ago Americans were at war in what was then called “The War to End All Wars.” Four million Americans served in the military during the conflict, including 500,000 from New York. They would play an important part in the outcome of the War. The conflict affected Americans at home as well, influencing nearly every aspect of civilian life. World War I would set the stage for the 20th Century. We are still living with the consequences.

“The ‘Great War’ It was Terrible” is a pop up exhibit of World War I weapons, equipment and documents. It includes artifacts from the US, the Allies and the Central Powers. It also includes hands on activities. Visitors can try on helmets, peruse period stereo views, and even sound a gas alarm.

Stuart W. Lehman will portray a WWI soldier serving Stateside with the New York Guard. Mr. Lehman works with the Office of General Services as an Assistant Curator for the New York State Capitol. Previously he worked with the New York State Bureau of Historic Sites at Senate House, Herkimer Home, and Schuyler Mansion. On weekends, he participates in historical Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWI re-enactments. He lives in Guilderland.

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