LECTURE SERIES: Musical Coffins: Reuse in the 21st Dynasty

In this lecture series we will feature international archaeologists, curators and scholars who will share their insights into ancient Egyptian life, art, funerary practices, and material culture. We will also delve into Egyptomania- Western culture's fascination with ancient Egypt as well as recent scientific advances that have led to new revelations about the mummies seen by four generations of Albany Institute audiences.

Kara Cooney, Associate Professor, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA

Elite men and women of the 21st dynasty, wishing to be buried in style, often usurped the coffins of people buried in earlier dynasties, turning out their former inhabitants, and altering, repainting, and re-styling the coffin. Dr. Cooney has found a 21st dynasty re-use rate as high as 70%, with some coffins seeming to have multiple owners. She will address the quest of community coffins and describe how ancient Egyptian craftsmen began specializing in renovating and re-modifying this essential possession for a happy after life.

FREE with museum admission.

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