LECTURE SERIES: Pyramids, Mummies, and Magic

In this lecture series we will feature international archaeologists, curators and scholars who will share their insights into ancient Egyptian life, art, funerary practices, and material culture. We will also delve into Egyptomania- Western culture's fascination with ancient Egypt as well as recent scientific advances that have led to new revelations about the mummies seen by four generations of Albany Institute audiences.

Lanny Bell, Associate Professor Emeritus of Egyptology, University of Chicago and Visiting Researcher in Egyptology, Brown University

Sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America

Bell's examination of the way the ancient Egyptians faced the all-too-familiar problem of death will reveal that, rather than being obsessed with death, they were obsessed with life. At the same time they looked forward to an eternal existence. Bell will share how the Egyptians' preparations for death reveal their association of three fundamental characteristics of ancient Egyptian culture: pyramids, mummies, and the works of art deposited as grave goods.

FREE with museum admission.

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