Artful Mornings 2019

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Tuesdays-Thursdays 9AM–Noon
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Join us as we explore creative movement, string art, painting, and more as we make beautiful pieces of art! In these weekly, three-day morning programs, children will create vibrant works of art inspired by our summer exhibitions and permanent collections. Summer class techniques will include drawing, painting, macramé, tile work, sculpture, and more.


Knot it!
July 9, 10, 11 (Ages 6-12)
Experiment with twisting, tying, knotting, braiding, weaving and more with us this week.  We’ll use cord, string, and wire as we create our own unique artwork and take inspiration from some unusual displays in the museum’s galleries. 
Art and Creative Movement 
July 16, 17, 18(Ages 6-12) 
Young artists will have the opportunity to stretch their creativity and their bodies in this engaging class.  The program will be led by our Director of Art Programs who holds a certificate in children’s yoga.  We’ll interpret the angles, shapes, and moods we find in the paintings and sculptures on view in the museum with movements and poses. In the studio, we'll create artwork like mandalas, and patterned drawings that encourage mindfulness.
Mosaic Madness
July 23, 24, 25 (Ages 6-12) 
Mosaics are made by piecing together small materials like tiles to create artwork.  We’ll piece together bright beautiful works this week as we explore this method.  Young artists will create works out of plaster of paris, glued beads and gems, paint and recycled materials.
Take Two!
July 30, 31, Aug. 1 (Ages 6-12) 
Contemporary artist Anne Diggory recreates lovely painted scenes from different perspectives in her work.  We’ll investigate her paintings currently on view in the museum and experiment with repetition and variation in our own artwork.  Each object or scene we showcase will then be created again with a change in angle, zoom in or out, or be created out of a new art material.
August 6, 7, 8 (Ages 6-12) 
Together we’ll learn more about the Albany Institute’s mummies, as well as ancient Egyptian symbols, gods, and goddesses. We’ll try our hand at some model mummification, as well as experiment in clay and jewelry.
Sleek Silhouettes
August 13, 14, 15 (Ages 6-12) 
Silhouettes feature an outline of a person, animal or object filled in with a solid color.  We’ll take a look at artwork in the museum that has a strong outline and notice how the shapes stand out and use our observations as inspiration in the studio.  Young artists will create using printmaking, painting, drawing techniques and more!
Playful Paint
August 20, 21, 22 (Ages 6-12) 
Let’s put on a smock and break out the paint!  We’ll try out engaging process paint techniques such as drip and pour painting.  Painted papers will also be used to collage together a more finished product.
Art in 3-D
August 27, 28, 29 (Ages 6-12) 
Watch your art take form as you build up your 3-D skills!  We’ll create works in clay, wire, papier-mâché, and more as we create work that truly stands out.

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