The Indelible Schuyler Sisters: Recovering Women in Eighteenth Century Biography


Danielle Funiciello, PhD Candidate at the University at Albany and New York State Museum Research Fellow

Before the women of the Schuyler family became fictional characters in Hamilton: An American Musical, they made their appearance as side characters in numerous biographies of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Philip Schuyler, and others.

In history, public memory, and fiction alike, the women have taken on personas shaped by the limited availability of sources, and by the lens through which nineteenth and twentieth century authors typically viewed them— that of elite male historical figures. But how accurate are these personas?

Historian Danielle Funiciello re-investigates the five sisters of the Schuyler family— Angelica, Elizabeth, Peggy, Cornelia, and Caty. She explores the place they have taken in the historical record, and the roles they played in shaping their own narratives.

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Thursday, October 10 • 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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