A Gather of Glass: Selections from the Museum's Collection

December 12, 2017–May 20, 2018


Since its invention, glass has been a critical medium for almost every field and purpose, ranging from elaborate fine-art work to practical household items and everything in between. “A Gather of Glass” showcases decorative and functional glassware found in American households over three centuries, emphasizing the variety of processes by which objects were formed and decorated.

The exhibition includes a selection of blown, molded, pressed, and cut glass pieces from the Institute's collection, many manufactured in the northeast United States. A selection of colored glass showcases the American predilection for both clear glass pieces, and vibrant, experimental glass of many hues.

Highlights of the exhibition include examples from the Institute's Corning service of cut-glass tableware crafted in the 1850s, Albany Glass Works flasks, and lacy glass saltcellars, among many other items from the Institute’s collections.