Big and Bold: Contemporary Paintings, Collage, and Sculpture from the Albany Institute's Collection

October 12, 2013–April 20, 2014

Big size, bold color, and commanding presence characterize many works of contemporary art. Their imposing physical forms offer allurement and authority, and in some cases audacity. The Institute owns several works by regional contemporary artists that captivate with visual bravado. Paintings by Leigh Wen and Susan Stuart, collage by Michael Oatman, and sculpture by Sharon Bates are a few of the works selected for the inaugural exhibition of the Institute's newly renovated Lansing Gallery. The exhibition is the second to feature highlights from the Institute's contemporary arts collections. The first exhibition, Multiple Focus: Contemporary Photography from the Albany Institute's Collection, opened earlier this year. Big and Bold will surprise you and reveal the Institute's more modern side.


Sharon Bates

Jeffrey Elgin

Don Nice

Stephanie Rose

Bill Sullivan
Colin Boyd

Abraham Ferraro

Michael Oatman

Tom Sarrantonio

Leigh Li-Yun Wen

Scott Brodie

Stephen Hannock

Thom O'Connor

Paul Sattler

William H. Wilson

Marcia Clark

David Miller

Chester Rose

Susan Stuart