Hudson Valley: Spanning the Banks

March 14, 2009–June 14, 2009

Photographs by Harry Wilks

For twenty-five years, New York photographer Harry Wilks has been looking at this world from different viewpoints: from the roofs of New York’s skyscrapers, from the perspective of a concrete barrier, and the vantage point of a highway guardrail. Using a Widelux swing-lens camera, Wilks captures panoramic slices of the Hudson River Valley, from New York City to the Hudson Highlands, where mundane structures along roadways, industrial wastelands, and abandoned gardens assume sculptural properties.

He's been described as an urban photographer who focuses his camera on unexpected scenes in his home city and the Hudson River Valley. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and added to museum and corporate collections, including those of the Brooklyn Museum, the George Eastman House, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Hallmark collection.

Support for this exhibition was provided by Karen and Richard Nicholson.