Paul Scott: New American Scenery

August 13, 2022–December 31, 2022

In this exhibition, artist Paul Scott assesses the American landscape from a contemporary approach, one that deals with issues of globalization, energy generation and consumption, capitalism, and immigration, as well as the human impact on the environment.

The images that Scott creates for his ceramic plates, platters, and pitchers depict unsettling views of nuclear power plants, landfills, abandoned industrial sites, aging urban centers, and isolating walls. As representations of the American landscape, they suggest a subversion of the picturesque aesthetic—the unpicturesque picturesque—and a new, disturbing norm, a new way of envisioning ourselves, our physical environment, and our society.

Additionally, Scott reworks historic printed ceramics through collage and the process of erasing, reprinting, and reglazing pieces to incorporate additions. The past and present join together on single works where airplanes soar across platters and wind turbines loom over pastoral fields.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott is a material-based conceptual artist who lives and works in Cumbria, United Kingdom. His printed ceramics blur the boundaries between art, craft, and design. HIs works are included in numerous museum collections and have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

Scott has studied the Albany Institute's collection of historical transfer-printed ceramics, paintings, drawings, and prints, and will debut new works inspired by these collections in the exhibition.

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Paul Scott is represented by FERRIN CONTEMPORARY.