Small and Seductive: Contemporary Art from the Institute's Collection

May 3, 2014–September 28, 2014

Sometimes intimate, occasionally intricate, but always intriguing, small works of art invite us to step close and peer into their spatially bounded world. The Albany Institute’s new exhibition, Small and Seductive, is the third in a series to highlight its contemporary art collection. This exhibition features artwork of smaller proportions by the Upper Hudson Valley’s most ingenious and talented artists, paintings and sculpture that captivate within limited dimensions.

More than thirty works will be on exhibition in the recently renovated third floor Lansing Gallery. Many present powerful statements as single objects of visionary perspicacity, but others work together to form a sizeable series or unite into a bold visual presence, such as Smokerise Circle by Michael McKay, the Institute’s recent purchase at the 2013 Exhibition of the Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region, or Gayle Johnson’s reflective series of self portraits. Other artists represented in the exhibition include Fern Apfel, whose Song Sparrow entices viewers with curious fascination like a cabinet of curiosities, and William Wilson, whose Making Believe shocks and humors simultaneously as it reinterprets the Dutch master Jan Vermeer. The exhibition also features paintings by Richard Callner, Robert Cartmell, Jason Stewart, and Laura VonRosk.

Small and Seductive includes several sculptural works by artists Dennis Byng, Benignia Chilla, Larry Kagan, and Paul Mauren. Though small in size, their jewel-like color, pattern, and intricate detail captivate. Compelling contemporary art need not always be of sizeable dimensions as this exhibition proves that small can be seductive!

Artists in the exhibition:

Judy Alderfer-Abbott

Fern T. Apfel

David Austen

Dennis Byng

Richard Callner

Robert Cartmell

Carol Caruso

Benigna Chilla

Marcia Clark

David Dwight Coughtry

Richard Garrison

Allen Grindle

Allen Gussow

Gayle Johnson

Larry Kagan

Katharine Kreisher

Ted Lind

Harold Lohner

Paul Mauren

Michael McKay

Willie Marlowe

Antoni Milkowski

Doretta Miller

Tom Nelson

Thom O'Connor

Harry Orlyk

Ariel Pannenborg

Marjorie Portnow

Bill Schade

Jason Stewart

Lynn Talbot

Peter Taylor

Laura Von Rosk

George Wexler

Wendy Ide Williams

William Wilson

Deborah Zlotsky