The Time Capsule: What We Found Under Philip Schuyler

December 4, 2023–June 23, 2024

In June 1925, a statue of Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler was installed in front of Albany’s City Hall. The donor was philanthropist George Hawley, who dedicated the statue to the memory of his wife, Theodora Amsdell Hawley. Buried in the foundation was a copper box filled with items that Hawley felt might be of interest to “inhabitants of the City of Albany in the future when it shall be finally opened and its contents examined.”

In 2023, almost a century later, the Department of General Services crew discovered the box when the statue was removed and the contents were transferred to the Albany Institute.

This exhibition reveals what was inside that time capsule, including items known to have been there as well as many surprises.


The copper Time Capsule box: