Junior Interpreters 2020-2021

Dear Junior Interpreters,

  Thank you for another great year! With your help we have been able to produce multiple videos, blog posts, art kits, and, art activities.  Enjoy your summer and I can't wait to start again in the fall of 2021. -Victoria


Senior Junior Interpreters

Eva’s plans for September:
Attending Dartmouth in the fall
Majoring in Biomedical engineering
Minoring in Studio Art

"Congratulations Eva!
You are a bright light in this colorful life you are creating.
Your passion, energy, spirit ,love and compassion make all things possible.
May you always continue to see this world for the wonderful place it is; full of opportunities, kindness and love."
Love Mom , Dad, Jonah and Elena

"Keri plans to attend Cornell University majoring in biomedical engineering on a pre-med track. I am proud of Keri's resilience and commitment throughout all these years."

 -Audrey Lye-Yamaguchi, Mother of Keri

"Maya will be attending Mount Holyoke College.  She is hoping to study history and writing, and find ways to combine these two with her passion for telling stories of those who haven't always been able to have their stories told. (She is also looking forward to access to all of the archives there and at the other associated schools.)

I am proud of Maya's passion and commitment to wherever her imagination takes her- be it an intellectual pursuit or of the whimsical variety.  She is a sensitive soul, and I know how overwhelming interacting with the world can be for her, and yet she does it, and pushes herself to try new experiences and exist within new modalities continuously. What I am proudest of her for though, is that she is kind. :) "

-Shoshana, Maya's Mom.

Staff Superlatives

"Eva, Maya, and Keri- thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the Junior Interpreter program during this very challenging year. The work you have produced including blog posts, research, video recording, and more has been truly remarkable! You are all so talented and will accomplish amazing things in the future. It has been a pleasure having you all in the program these past few years. We will miss you!" -Patrick, Director of Interpretive Programs

"Eva's work in the Junior Interpreter program has included both interpretation in the galleries as well as hands-on assistance with family and art programs.  She has brought thoughtfulness and excitement to the programs she has been involved in, and I'm grateful for the chance to have worked with her.  Some of the recent projects she has worked with for my arts programming have included developing and recording gallery talks of featured artworks.  These insightful introductions to highlighted museum collections have been a valuable part of our digital program offerings.  Participants of all ages from adult painting workshops to family building challenges have enjoyed her watching her recorded talks."

"Keri has had a wonderful contribution to our Albany Institute programs and this year I've been lucky to have her lend her artistic talents to our art offerings.  Keri created coloring page interpretations of museum collections that have been featured for the 2021 #ColorOurCollections initiative, as well as special additions to the Art Kit: An Art Workshop in a Bag program.  Keri enthusiastically contributed towards our programming maintaining steadfast dedication even through times of physical distancing."

"Maya lends her genuine enthusiasm to each program she is involved in.  I have appreciated her work contributing towards family day activities, as well as recorded program content.  It's been lovely to have seen her involved in some of the arts activities in addition to gallery tours this year, and I've especially appreciated the art demonstration videos she's worked on such as showcasing some of our Art for All projects." -Sarah Clowe, Director of Art Programs

It has been my privilege to work with you all for the last few years.  Eva, this last year you have really stepped up and helped us a ton by coming in and recording multiple videos.  Thank you! Maya, your insight and unique perspectives on our exhibitions will be sorely missed. Thank you! Keri, your contribution to the color our collection project and art kit programs have made a massive difference.  Thank you!
Please come back and visit, we will miss you!  -Victoria

"Eva, it’s always difficult when someone from our first group graduates. I knew the program was going to be successful because of you. Every week you came to the Institute with excitement and energy, and watching you grow more confident has been a joy. You are going to do amazing thing. I can’t wait in 20 years to pick up a newspaper (if they’re still in print) and see your name in the headlines. 

Maya! Where do I begin!? You are your mothers daughter and I mean that in the highest regard. There is literally nothing that you can’t do. Whether you go down the road as a star of the stage or academia with your hunger for knowledge, you  are destined for greatness. And you will be impeccably dressed as you conquer the world. 

Keri, I know our time together was short. It was wonderful getting to know you. It’s rare getting someone in the program that needs little guidance and has the confidence to tackle everything that we threw your way. I can’t wait to hear all about your next great adventure." -Janine Moon, Security Officer