Special Programs

Sponsoring our special programs would benefit the education programs of the Albany Institute which serve over 10,000 families, students, and adult learners every year.

Our programs help people of all ages connect to their shared histories and to the arts and culture of the Upper Hudson Valley. This is especially important for students in our public schools; as arts and humanities courses are eliminated, the Institute’s role is amplified.

Our school programs serve students from pre-K to university, offering programs such as the ‘Tute for Tots, vacation art breaks, guided field trips with art-making projects, and more.

Off-site programs feature a trunk full of interactive artifacts that, together with a museum educator, travels to schools within forty miles of the Albany Institute. For schools farther afield, video conferencing brings the Institute’s collections into the classroom. Our off-site programs serve around 3,000 students per year.

The museum’s family programs provide opportunities for children and families to experience art and history through a combination of hands-on art-making activities, storytelling, performances, and gallery discussions. These programs are offered in a variety of formats that serve the needs of our community, and range from daytime classes for preschoolers, to school vacation art classes, to weekend programs that promote intergenerational learning and discovery.

If you have questions, please contact Nick DeMarco at demarcon@albanyinstitute.org or at (518) 463-4478, ext. 406.