Below you will find upcoming lectures and events from the Albany Institute of History and Art


General: Thursday, July 11 • 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Esther Bell will discuss the Clark Art Institute’s major summer exhibition Renoir: The Body, The Senses which explores the artists unceasing interest in the human form, and reconsiders Renoir as a constantly evolving artist. Bell will also provide an overview of the Clark’s other summer 2019 exhibitions Janet Cardiff: The Forty Part Motet, Ida O’Keefe: Escaping Georgia’s Shadow, and Art’s Biggest Stage: Collecting the Venice Biennale, 2007-2019.

  • Free Admission

ARTIST PERFORMANCE Her Flag: 100 Years. 36 States. 1 Artist’s Journey.

Adult: Wednesday, July 17 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm


Her Flag: 100 Years. 36 States. 1 Artist’s Journey.

Artist, Marilyn Artus with partnering artist, Indira Cesarine, and dancer Katherine Crockett

Wednesday, July 17, 2 PM

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It took almost a year for 36 states to ratify it into law.  In June of 2019, Marilyn Artus began traveling the path of ratification and started to collaborate with female artists from all of the historically relevant 36 states. At each stop she is creating a stripe that is being stitched together onsite in the capital city.  When Her Flag is completed in August of 2020, it will be a 36 stripe flag, one for each of the ratifying states that turned the 19th amendment into law. The culmination will be a new flag sewn as a thank you and a love letter to the states that gave women the right to vote.  Join us for the addition of the New York State stripe and to celebrate the anniversary of women’s right to vote.

Indira Cesarine is the artist who has created the art for the New York stripe which Marilyn will sew onto HerFlag, and will be onsite to present her artwork for HerFlag.

“I am truly honored to represent New York state for the nationwide HERFLAG 2020 project. For the New York stripe, I painted 8 portraits of women from the state that most influenced the 19th Amendment being ratified, including Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth. It is inspiring to be a part of such a historical project that recognizes the work of women who paved the way for equal rights. I have always been influenced by women’s history and it was great to participate in a project that aligned so closely with my own artistic vision.” –Indira Cesarine

Dancer Katherine Crockett will be performing alongside Marilyn during the stripe sewing ceremony.

For more information on the full project please visit https://www.herflag.com/

  • Program attendance is free, if attendees would like to visit the galleries museum admission will be in effect

A Daughter of Albany in Paris and London: Angelica Schuyler Church's Age of Revolutions

General: Sunday, July 21 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Guest speaker is Dr. Tom Cutterham, University of Birmingham

Angelica Schuyler was still a teenager when revolution first broke out in Britain's North American colonies, a whirlwind that swept up her family and the city of her birth. By the time she turned forty, she had played a part in revolutionary transformations on both sides of the Atlantic. In the process, she married an Englishman, shocked the farmers of Connecticut, became the confidante of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, plotted to break the Marquis de Lafayette out of prison, befriended princes, courtesans, and radicals, and made a home at the heart of the British empire. Her story is not just an adventure, but an opportunity to rethink the significance of her world. Finance, politics, war, revolution... not to mention gossip, intrigue, and deception: these were the process that helped to make the modern world.

  • Included with admission

LECTURE: The Power of Objects in 18th Century British America

General: Sunday, October 6 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Guest speaker is Dr. Jennifer Van Horn, Assistant Professor of Art History and History, University of Delaware

Over the course of the eighteenth century, Anglo-Americans purchased an unprecedented number and array of goods. In this talk Dr. Van Horn willinvestigate these diverse artifacts—from portraits and city views to gravestones, dressing furniture, and prosthetic devices—to explore how elite American consumers assembled objects to form a new civil society on the margins of the British Empire.

  • Included with museum admission

LECTURE Founding Friendships: Friendships between Men and Women in the Early Republic

General: Sunday, October 27 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Guest speaker is Cassandra Good, Assistant Professor of History and Politics, Marymount University

The question of whether friendships between men and women are possible was embedded in and debated as far back as the birth of the American nation. Many of the nation’s founding fathers had female friends but popular rhetoric held that these relationships were fraught with social danger, if not impossible. In this talk Good explore friendships between men and women which were quite common at a time when personal relationships were deeply political.

  • Included with museum admission