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"Sue" A Merry Christmas, 1884: Charles Calverley in his New York Studio

Ledger entries for shipping freight between Albany and New York City, 1825,Daybook 1823-1825, pg.90

Albany Association of the Blind, Inc.


First Presbyterian Church of Albany, Subscription List of Donations for Construction of New Building

Land Deed for Sale of Hapamewasick Island to Jan H. Bruyn and Claes Van Bockhoven Pg.1

Help Nijmegen! April 13-30th, Why Nijmegen?


Aftermath of Holocaust – A Deserted Street – A Cloud of Smoke

Annesley & Ferris Receipt

Annesley & Williamson Storefront, 504 & 506 Broadway


Rensselaerwyck Indian Deeds, Principal Indian Signer Named Aupasappamet

Rensselaerwyck Indian Deeds and Indentures, Principal signers Aquoatch, Ampamit and others

Journal of a steamboat voyage from New York City to Albany and back