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Parker F. Dunn Scrapbook: Letter Referring to Medal of Honor

Parker F. Dunn Scrapbook: Catholic Identification Card

Why a Parker F. Dunn Memorial Bridge?


James C. Dunn (Parker Dunn's Father an Albany Policeman), received Dunn's Medal of Honor from Major General Robert L. Bullard at Memorial Park, Albany, Armistice Day 1923.

James C. Dunn (Parker Dunn's Father) Albany Policeman

Parker F. Dunn Scrapbook


Parker F. Dunn Scrapbook

Parker F. Dunn Scrapbook

“Staggering to his feet again he shambled on." An illustration from "Rank and File" by Theodore Roosevelt depicts Parker Dunn a few seconds before his death.


Proclamation Awarding the Medal of Honor to Parker F. Dunn by President Calvin Coolidge

The School-mate

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