GE Presents: The Mystery of the Albany Mummies Project Team

03/21/2013 2:55pm by Nycole Kinns

Paul Fahey



  • Guest Curator: Dr. Peter Lacovara, Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University in Atlanta
  • Dr. Bob Brier, Egyptologist, Senior Research Fellow at the LIU Post and known as “Mr. Mummy”
  • Joyce Haynes, Egyptologist, Retired Curator, Museum Fine Arts, Boston specializes in hieroglyphs and genealogy
  • Dr. Edward Bleiberg, Egyptologist, Curator, Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art and Managing Curator, Ancient Egyptian, African, and Asian Art of the Brooklyn Museum.
  • Ellen Leerburger, Independent Exhibition Evaluator

AIHA Staff

  • Tammis K. Groft, Project Director and Chief Curator
  • W. Douglas McCombs, Curator of History & Material Culture
  • Tom Nelson, Exhibition and Graphic Designer
  • Erika Sanger, Director of Education

Documentary Film

  • Mary Valentis, Co--‐Director and Producer, Professor, University at Albany
  • William Rainbolt, Co--‐Director and Producer, Professor University at Albany
  • Fardin Sanai, Executive Producer, University at Albany Foundation Executive Director
  • John Valentis, Narrator
  • Steve Nealy, Cinematographer
  • John Lyden, Film Editor
  • David Bourgeois, Sound Design and Original Music, White Lake Music and Post Documentary Film Production is a collaborative effort between the Albany Institute of History & Art, Albany Medical Center, University at Albany Foundation, and the University at Albany College of Arts & Sciences and Center for Humanities, Arts, and TechnoSciences.

Albany Medical Center

  • Dr. Phuong Vinh, MD, Radiologist, Albany Medical Center
  • Dr. Michael Schuster, MD, Radiologist, Albany Medical Center
  • Howard Mayforth, Technologist, Albany Medical Center
  • Emily Johnson, Technologist, Albany Medical Center

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