Junior Interpreters 2019-2020

We appreciate the efforts of all Junior Interpreters who worked to make the 2019-2020 year a success at the Albany Institute! We're inspired by your enthusiasm, feel honored by your commitment, are more knowledgeable from the research you conducted, and are impressed by your improv skills! Thank you for sharing your voices with our visitors!

Thank you: Alaina, Amaya, Caroline, Claire, Eva, Eliza, Elizabeth, Keri, Kimaya, Lexie, Maya, Navid, Naya, Robert, Sasha, Satchell, Sophia, Tracy, and Zeroun. You guys are the best!


Special thanks to John-Ezra for sticking with us another year and helping out with the Junior Interpreter Program as an intern!

Congratulations Class of 2020!

With the school year coming to an end we want to offer special recognition to our Junior Interpreters who are part of the graduating class of 2020. You are experiencing an end to your Senior year which is different than the ones that came before you. While we may not be able to celebrate with you with a party as we normally would, we wanted to acknowledge all your hard work and dedication to the museum. To Eliza, Michelle, Navid, and Tracy, while we are sad to see you graduate out of the Junior Interpreter programs, we are looking forward to hearing about all the big things you accomplish! Best of luck and thank you for all you have done.


“Eliza will be attending Tufts University in the fall. She is enrolled in the 5-year combined degree BFA & BA/BS program. Students in this program share their time between the Tufts School of Arts and Sciences and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  So many things make me proud of Eliza! I'm proud of her artistic talent, and her hard work and determination.”

-Lisa, Eliza’s Mom 


Michelle will be going to Emory University in Georgia! She will probably be in the pre-dental program.  Michelle has been an amazing addition to the Junior Interpreter program.  We will miss you, Michelle! 

Victoria, Education Assistant


Navid loved working at the Albany Institute of History and Art under the supervision of Victoria, Janine, and Patrick.  Navid is attending the University of Chicago for the Fall and I am proud of his determination to achieve his goals.

-Safi, Navid’s Mom 


"Tracy will be attending Cornell University this fall.  As a parent, I'm so proud of her achievements, she has been always working very hard in school, putting a lot of efforts in extracurricular activities, and willing to provide volunteer work and community service. She's interested in art, and I'd like to say thanks to Albany Institute of History and Art to provide her an opportunity to attend the Junior Interpreter program at the Albany Institute, which benefits both her and the community."

-Fuzhong, Tracy’s Dad 

Congrats from the staff!

"Saturday mornings at the Albany Institute have become the center of excitement for the last three years. The junior interpreters bring a beautiful enthusiasm to the galleries. Working with you all and watching your confidence grow has been the highlight of my time at the Albany Institute. I want to thank you for your time and devotion and for helping us grow the program.  I wish all of our graduating interpreters, Navid, Eliza, Michelle, Addy and Tracy, the very best of wishes and I look forward to hearing about the next chapter of your lives."

-Janine, I ♥ Hamsters 

"Guys, it has been so amazing to work with you.  It has been my privilege to spend Saturday mornings with several of you for multiple years and you have taught me so much!  If your time at college is anything like what you have done during your time at the Albany Institute, I know it will be epic. We will miss you next year because you have made a great impact on this program.  Eliza, Michelle, Navid, and Tracy, please come back and visit!  Our doors are always open to you and we always love to hear about how you are doing in college."