Dr. Carolyn Mclaughlin

Albany Institute of History and Art
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Lacey Wilson: Today is October the 4th, 2023. I'm here with Dr. Carolyn McLaughlin For the Albany African American History Project for the Albany Institute of History and Art thank you for taking the time to come in today.

Dr. Carolyn McLaughlin: Happy to be Here

WIlson: Much appreciated

Segment Synopsis: Dr. Carolyn McLaughlin introduces her history and her family history in the South End and Arbor Hill. Her parents owned the McLaughlin Grocery Store in the South End for 24 years, and what travel through the city looked like before and as the Plaza was being constructed.

Subjects: Small Business; South End; South End

00:06:23 - School and Neighborhood Changes

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Partial Transcript: CM: we grew up in the neighborhood in the early years where the store was, then we moved to the other side of town, so it was an opportunity to see our friends who lived in the neighborhood where we had grown up and our elementary school. and mind you, we were still going to school in that part of town

Segment Synopsis: Dr Mclaughlin discusses the diverse community of the South End, the local festivals, election nights, the air raids in school, and the community within those neighborhoods. She also touches on the differences in various school experiences between her and her siblings, who were split between public and private schools.

Keywords: Education; Televison; South End Albany

00:23:06 - Toward College

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Partial Transcript: CM: i went to Keuka College in the Fingerlakes
LW: In the Fingerlakes ok my mistake there
CM: what I will say is i guess I was what was considered an average student, but I thought I was much smarter than that.

Segment Synopsis: CM's experiences at Keuka College gave CM's opportunities to step into leadership opportunities.

Keywords: Keuka College

00:28:35 - Community Spaces in South End

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Partial Transcript: LW: back to the precollege, or maybe this would make more sense when you come back, but I've been very interested in my research. I've seen a lot of black people in the South End and Arbor Hill, and it's been interesting where we're going for recreation, where we were going for shows.
CM: Lincoln Park was our park

Segment Synopsis: CM discusses community and recreation spaces in Albany, like Lincoln Park 6, mile waterworks and to concerts at the Labor Temple.
6 mile waterworks
concerts for the adults labor temple had concerts
rent parties and house parties and socials

Keywords: 6 mile Waterworks Park; House Parties; Labor Temple; Rent Parties; Thatcher Park; Washington Park; Lincoln Park

00:38:20 - To California and Journey back

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Segment Synopsis: Journey to California
back to Albany

00:46:49 - Return to Albany

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Segment Synopsis: reconnecting with the Albany Community

00:51:19 - Journey to Public Office

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Segment Synopsis: approached to run for Office
Urban Leauge and NAACP Untied work was touched on,
graduate school before running but te importance of have community before and as running

00:57:46 - Being in the Decision Making Chair

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Segment Synopsis: kitchen table conversations
potholes on the south end
quality life issues in the community
the night of her first election knew that she was going to win
what she learned about her constituents

01:18:20 - President of the Common Council 01:29:56 - The Future of Politics in Albany

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Segment Synopsis: Is Albany ready for a Black Mayor?
shifts in demographics
working with busineses
stopped around 1:25:33

01:30:07 - Black Businesses in Albany

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Segment Synopsis: Black Businesses
corner stores, funeral home

01:36:34 - Who paved the way for you

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Segment Synopsis: Politicians who paved the way for her
local and national

01:40:23 - 787

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Segment Synopsis: 787 designed to keep people from seeing the city
urban renewal and the highways in the national country

01:50:21 - Black History in Albany

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Segment Synopsis: Long and varied history of Black History in Albany
this project and interviewees
relationship to AIHA

01:50:37 - Sports in Albany 01:57:51 - Black History in Albany

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Segment Synopsis: the importance of exploring that history for adult audiences
other interviewees

01:59:41 - Conclusion

Dr. Carolyn McLaughlin

Date: October 4 2023
Catalogue Number: DM 0001

Dr. Carolyn MCluaghlin grew up in Albany, connecting with many pockets of Albany's Black population.  Listen to her recollections of schools, neighborhood events, local businesses, and her own journey into politics.