Welcome to the blog spot for the Junior Interpreters of the Albany Institute of History and Art!  Our Junior Interpreters are dedicated  volunteers aged 13-18, who spend their Saturday mornings at the Albany Institute. 

All of the hard work begins for Junior Interpreters in October when we begin our training season. Junior Interpreters come to the museum almost every week for the next few months. Training sessions allow the teens to become experts on their favorite exhibits and develop new life skills. They learn the ins and outs of colonial trade between the Dutch and Haudenosaunee, or the differences between paintings by Thomas Cole and Frederic Edwin Church. Not to mention spending time in the Ancient Egypt gallery with the museum’s mummies! The Junior Interpreters research objects and artwork, while developing exhibit tours from their own perspective.


Providing tours about our exhibits are not the only contributions made by our Junior Interpreters. The teen volunteers also spend their time operating the museum’s Art Cart, a mobile station in the galleries with interactive activities, and keeping our audio tour up to date. But their dedication does not stop there!  Junior interpreters also help with special events like Home for the Holidays and our annual Ancient Egypt Family Day. 

This year, we have started two new initiatives with our Junior Interpreters. Our teenaged volunteers have helped us out by taking over our social media pages once a month, in addition to explaining what a TikTok is, exactly. Moreover, the students have started to plan their own, Junior Interpreters run, teen night at the museum. Check back later in the year for more information about this exciting event!


We are lucky to have so much help from our Junior Interpreters. These talented and hardworking volunteers have continued their dedication  by continuing to produce content while New York is on PAUSE.  Make sure you stay up to date on the blog to check for more updates from our Junior Interpreters!

Articles by Junior Interpreters

Fellow Citizens!  (Winter 2021)

Gilt Frames: The work of Thomas Cole and John Vanderlyn | by Junior Interpreter Keri (winter 2020)

The Relationship Between Humans and Nature Explored in the Hudson River School | by Junior Interpreter Nya (winter 2020)

Portrait Conservation: Bringing the eighteenth century to today | by Junior Interpreter Zeroun (fall 2020)

Museum Mythology at the Albany Institute: Ancient Egyptian Favorites | by Junior Interpreter Kimaya (summer 2020)

View of Hudson River at West Point | by Junior Interpreter Michelle  (spring 2020)