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Finding Aids

Manuscripts (1000+)

Seventeenth century to the present
Collections consist of family, corporate, and organizational papers and records, account books, diaries, and miscellaneous single-item accessions.

* Please note, not all manuscript collections found in the library catalogue have finding aids.

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Albany Architecture: Photographs by Gary Gold & Mark McCarty Collection, 1989-1993, MG 219

Albany Art Union Collection, 1910-1968, MG 79

Albany Bicentennial Commission Records, 1871-1922, BB 245

Albany Boys' Club Records Inventory, 1907-1981, MG 99

Albany Business College Records, MG 76

Albany City and County War Council Records, 1940-1946, MG 111

Albany Civic Theater Records, 1955-2008, MG 200

Albany Committee for the Relief of Ireland Records, 1847-1848, CD 528

Albany County Court Calendar Records, 1794-1895, FL 835

Albany Hardware and Iron Company Records, 1797-1986, MG 139

Albany Helps Nijmegen Committee Records, 1947-1948, MG 238

Albany Institute of History & Art Collection of Memorabilia, 1755-1969, FF 804

Albany Institute of History & Art Early Documents Collection, 1707-1794, FR 886

Albany Mayors Collection, 1706-1925, CW 554

Albany's Early Days of Running Papers, 1916-1990, MG 224

Albany Sports Programs Collection, 1979-1997, MG 198

Albany Symphony Orchestra Records, 1972-1995, MG 169

Albany Theater Programs Inventory, 1862-1946, GD 77-06

Albert and Garrett Vander Veer Civil War Correspondence Papers and Craig Family Papers, 1850-1922, MG 148

Allen-Auchmuty Papers Inventory, 1824-1865, DL 579

Annesley & Co. Collection, circa 1860-1875, MG 231

Annesley & Co. Records, 1898-1911, HP 81-05

Arnold-Cogswell Papers Inventory, 1676-1931, FG 807

Ashley/Van Alystyne/Fitch/Hull Family Papers, 1799-1981, MG 78

Autograph Albums Collection Inventory, 1833-1884, JL 83-14

Banks Family Papers, 1798-1973, DM 580

Bayard Urquhart Livingston, Jr. Papers, 1741-1945, AS 191

Bedlow, Corpron, and McRae Family Papers, 1773-1890, MG 67

Blasie Family Papers, 1860s-1950s, MG 213

Bleecker Family Papers Inventory, 1751-1838, EX 757

Boardman & Gray's Piano Manufactory Collection, 1848-2007, MG 203

Boyd Family Papers, 1835-1978, MG 82

Brady Papers Inventory, 1889-1934, HK 80-28

Burdick Family Papers, circa 1850s-1995, MG 233

Burghart Family Papers Inventory, 1763-1816, GE 77-19

Capitol Hill Choral Society Records, 1953-1987, MG 189

Capitol Hill Choral Society Sheet Music Collection Inventory, 1967-1969, MG 211

Center Square Association, Inc., Records, 1958-2013, MG 22

Charles Alexander Clinton Papers, 1819-1855, MG 193

Charles Calverley Portfolio for Robert Burns Statue, 1873-1889, MG 240

City Neighbors Project Collection, 1975-2001, MG 135

Clarence Hamilton Corning Papers, 1864-circa 1900, BD 299

Connie Frisbee's 4-H Club Collection, 1957-1966, MG 199

Consolidated Car Heating Company Inventory, 1887-1969, MG 144

Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations (CANA) Records Inventory, 1974-1993, MG 23

Cranch-Greenleaf Papers, 1749-1917, CU 552

Dana Natural History Society Collection, 1871-1996, MG 125

Daniel E. Button Papers, 1952-2009, MG 247

Daniel O'Connell Papers, 1899-1939, MG 85

Daughters of the American Revolution, Mohawk Chapter, 1785-2019, MG 256

DeWitt Clinton Broadside Collection, 1775-1813, GR 78-10

Dibblee and Brown Records Inventory, 1822-1850, GJ 777-37

Dorothy and Gertrude Lathrop Collection, 1920-1991, MG 15

Dorothy T. Arnold Collection of Theater and Opera Programs, 1911-1915, MG 221

Dorr Family Papers, 1789-1978, BU 445

Dr. Albert Vander Veer Papers, 1538-1953, DB 560

Early Dutch Records Collection Inventory, 1651-1815, DV 607

Edward P. Buyck Papers Inventory, 1924-1962, FC 782

Edwards Family Papers, 1840-1879, DC 561

Edwin Corning Papers Inventory, 1890-1964, FX 1046

Erastus Corning I Papers Inventory, 1801-1930, AP 166

Erastus Corning 2nd Papers Inventory, 1942-1983, MG 83

Erastus Dow Palmer Papers, 1846-1955, AQ 185

Fleet's New York State Bank Collection Inventory, 1801-1991, MG 6

Florence Christoph Research Notes Collection, 1699-2007, MG 236

Fonda Family Papers Inventory, 1729-1826, CT 551

Foot(e)/Booth/Colt Genealogical Collection, 1988-2014, MG 243

Fort Orange Garden Club Records, 1923-2007, MG 237

Frank W. Rosell Papers, 1853-1959, MG 91

Frederick J. Lawrence Papers Inventory, 1842-1972, FM 845

Friday Morning Club Records, 1887-2000, MG 174

Fuller and Wheeler Records, 1891-1896, BJ 322

Gansevoort and Ten Eyck Family Papers, 1711-1902, MG 1

Gardner Rand Papers, 1674-1897, BL 374

Garvan-Brady Papers, 1893-1975, JO-86-10

Genet Family Papers, 1778-1909, CL 543

George H. Thacher Family Papers, 1830-1884, MG 177

George W. Featherstonhaugh and Family Papers Inventory, 1771-1845, HA 78-34

Germania Hall Collection, 1881-2007, MG 249

Gifford Family Papers, 1879-1900, BL 238

Goodwin Family Papers, 1835-1940, FO 861

Gretchen Weeber Papers Inventory, 1918-1985, MG 38

Hacker Family Papers, 1864-2000, MG 179

Hajo Christoph Papers, 1926-1977, MG 195

Harder and Glass Family Papers Inventory, 1898-1972, MG 9

Harry D. and Anita P. Yates Papers Inventory, 1920-1993, MG 71

Heath Babcock Papers, 1902-1976, MG 36

Herrick Family Papers, 1868-1940, DA 559

Hiemenz Family Papers, 1932-1946, MG 206

Howard Townsend Papers Inventory, 1687-1864, AD 116

Hudson Valley Paper Company Records, 1884-1999, MG 228

Hun Family Papers, 1667-1961, BK 346

Hybertie Lansing Pruyn Hamlin Correspondence with Anna Fenn Parker Pruyn Inventory, 1895-1909, AF 189

Hybertie Lansing Pruyn Hamlin Papers Inventory, 1881-1956, AF 121

Hybertie Lansing Pruyn Hamlin Papers on Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt Inventory, 1915-1962, AF 168

Integrating Delmar Collection, 1962-2010, MG 260

Irwin F. Cortelyou Papers on the Works of Ezra Ames, 1919-1987, MG 86

Jagger Family Papers, 1845-1956, BP 413

James E. Beebe, Jr. Papers, 1941-1946, MG 142

James La Grange Sloop Account Book MSBND 00032

Jared Holt Shoe Wax Company Collection, 1834-1989, MG 215

John Boyd Thacher II Papers, 1932-1939, DS 594

John Dunn Murphy Collection, 1890-1997, MG 65

John F. Kennedy Assassination Media Collection, 1963-1966, MG 235

John L. Thompson Sons & Co. Records, 1818-1972, CG 531

John Mason Clarke Papers, 1865-1925, FV 1027

John McConihe Papers, 1857-1870, AY 225

John Quincy Adams Ward Papers, 1800-1933, CM 544

John R. Hauf Journals, 1913-2006, MG 234

Jonas Hapgood Brooks Papers Inventory, 1764-1901, BO 411

Joseph W. Clark Papers, circa 1850s-1934, undated, AK 152

Judge Francis Bergan Collection, 1916-1998, MG 230

June B. Martin Papers, 1926-1995, MG 178

Junior Friday Morning Club Records, 1897-2005, MG 168

Junior League of Albany Records, 1917-2017, MG 263

Kenmore Hotel Entertainment Records, 1922-1932, HQ 81-12

Kenmore Hotel Records, 1890-1949, MG 220

Lansing/Townsend/Spencer Family Papers, 1717-1903, MG 3

Larry Johnson Papers on the Kingsmen, 1956-1958, MG 191

Launt Thompson Children's Correspondence, 1880-1888, MG 242

Leonard Gansevoort Jr. Papers, 1770-1839, FB 780

Livingston Family Papers, 1853-1920s, MG 115

Ludlow Family Papers, 1743-1929, FH 810

Lush Family Papers, 1727-1860, DG 565

Lydia A. Butler Diaries, 1848-1868, BT 430

Madison Liquor and Wine Store Collectionm 1933-1954, MG 161

Mahigian Family Papers MG 260

Mansion Neighborhood Association Records, 1971-1994, MG 75

Marcus Gardner Papers Inventory, 1860-1893, AT 192

Marcus T. Reynolds Diaries, 1899-1937, FY 1055

Marian Irvis Hughes: Black Children Education in Albany Collection, 1998, MG 217

Marion Weeber Papers, 1939-1994, MG 7

Marwill Family Collection, 1935-1974, MG 50

Mary Palmer Calverley Byrne-Ivy Papers, 1832-1953, C 500

McKinney Steel Company Records Inventory, 1906-1929, MG 117

Menges Family Collection, 1898-1944, MG 13

Michael N. Nolan Papers, 1879-1966, AG 126

Milton Hamilton Papers, 1911-1987, MG 84

Needlework Patterns and Designs from the Collection of Catharine Van Rensselaer, 1819-1895, G 1101

New York Central Railroad - Harold Ross Collection, 1937-1960, MG 216

New York State Agricultural Society Records, 1792-1856, DH 566

New York State Legislative Correspondents Association Annual Dinner Programs, 1916-2012, MG 250

Nicolas John Polydouris Papers, 1952-1961, MG 226

Nina Saunders Derby Papers, circa 1860-1952, MG 227

Olga Briggs and Helen Fay Papers, 1936-1972, MG 208

Onderdonk Family Papers, early 1800s-2006, MG 225

Otto Plaug Papers, 1898-2008, MG 259

Palmer-Gavit Family Papers, 1815-1985, MG 12

Parker Dunn Papers, 1910s-1960s, MG 45

Paul Cushman Papers, 1821-1859, MG 52

Postcard Collection, circa 1900-1980, MG 157

Prevost Family Papers, 1764-1943, CR 549

Pruyn Family Papers, 1679-1978, JQ 84-08

Reynolds Family Collection, 1847-1937, MG 81

Robert B. Rutgers Papers, 1754-1834, JH 83-03

Robert Russell Fayles Papers, 1915-1919, MG 218

Ruth Roberts's African Americans in Albany Research Collection, 1967-1976, MG 10

Saint Andrew's Society Records, 1803-1993, MG 156

Sanford Vint Vanderzee Collection, 1872-1936, MG 120

Schuyler Family Papers Inventory, 1657-1960s, CX 555

Sheet Music Collection, 1835-1943, FD 783

Skinner Stamp Collection, 1893-1968, BW 457

St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church Records, 1835-1956, MG 77

Stahler Family Papers, 1860-1960, MG 204

Street Academy - Harriet Gibbons High School Collection, 1970-2005, MG 214

Ten Broeck Family Papers, 1761-1950, AE 117

Ten Eyck Family and Coeymans Patent Papers, 1764-1887, DU 602

Ten Eyck Family Papers, 1720-1968, BA 235

Ten Eyck Family St. Croix Papers, 1716-1888, MG 2

Ten Eyck/Bronk Family Papers, 1754-1928, MG 8

Teunis Van Vechten Papers, 1827-1930, MG 222

Thomas Cole Collection, 1807-1966, CV 553

Thomas Worth Olcott Papers Inventory, 1739-1924, CS 550

Tom Dorsey (Tom Two Arrows) Collection, 1935-2007, MG 252

Upstate Artists Guild Records, 2004-2012, MG 229

Van Rensselaer Family, East Manor Papers Inventory, 1698-1889, HL 80-30

Van Rensselaer Family Papers (Vlie House) Inventory, 1728-1920, A1

Van Rensselaer Family Papers (Mrs. Benjamin Walworth Arnold Papers) Inventory, AA 2

Walter Launt Palmer Collection, 1873-1959, BV 448

Webster Family Correspondence, 1798-1838, MG 239

Weed, Parsons & Company Records Inventory, 1888-1929, MG 73

Wemple Family Genealogical Papers, 1894-1905, MG 30

Wheeler Family Papers Inventory, undated, GU 78-21

Will Hicok Low Papers, 1872-1969, BR 418

William C. Bouck Papers Inventory, 1801-1877, BX 461

William Curtiss Carroll Papers, 1862-1928, MG 197

William E. Woollard Papers, 1897-1940, MG 187

William Gorham Rice Carillon Papers, 1862-1938, DP 587

William Law Learned Peltz Collection of Postal History, 1702-1969, BC 256

William Law Learned Peltz Ephemera Collection, 1827-1961, BC 248

William Law Learned Peltz Personal Papers, 1900-1952, BC 267

William McEwan Coal Company Records, 1863-1972, MG 192

William Paterson Van Rensselaer Papers Inventory, 1787-1863, BM 400

Wilson-Meads Families Correspondence Inventory, 1824-1930, DK 567

Winifred Goldring Papers, 1899-1971, MG 24

Winne Family Papers, 1708-1910, MG 72

Women's Seal and Stamp Club of Albany Records, 1936-1997, MG 212

Woodward Family Papers, 1808-1925, FJ 819

Zwack and Sons Funeral Home Records Inventory, 1886-1938, MG 210

Photographs (100,000+)

1840s to the present
Photographs are organized into collections, each with a finding aid (as downloadable PDFs). Images depict economic and social life, public and private buildings, businesses, industries, historic events, community organizations, urban, suburban and rural life, portraits of individuals, and the work of art photographers.

Main Photograph Collection

The main photograph collection contains all types of photographic images, from daguerreotypes to contemporary inkjet prints from digital files. The collection also includes glass plate and cellulose acetate negatives. The images are organized into subject series. Most images relate to the people, locations, and events in Albany and other upper Hudson Valley communities. The collection also contains works by contemporary artists. [link to PDF]

The Morris Gerber collection contains more than 10,000 photographic prints collected by Albany photographer and collector Morris Gerber. For thirty years, Gerber collected images of Albany and reprinted many with his mark “Old Albany.” The bulk of the collection consists of early- and mid-twentieth-century photographs. [Link to PDF]

Photograph albums depicting families, institutions, and businesses—mainly from Albany and surrounding communities—comprise the bulk of this collection. [Link to PDF]

Michael Buonora Photograph Collection of Capital Region

The Michael Buonora collection contains photographs of street scenes, buildings, and persons from Albany, New York, and surrounding communities. Buonora, born in Albany in the late 1930s, collected photographs of the Capital District. Most of the photographs are black and white gelatin silver prints dating from the early to mid twentieth century. [Link to PDF]

Maps (350 items+)

Eighteenth century to the present
A wide variety of maps for Albany, surrounding communities, and New York state that include the following: city streets; neighborhoods; auction, patent, and property surveys; military maps showing fortifications of Albany and the Hudson River; canal, railroad, and highway systems; economic, commercial, and industrial districts; and geological surveys. [Link to PDF]

Architectural Plans and Drawings (6,500+)

Nineteenth and twentieth centuriesCollection includes plans and drawings of local buildings including residential, commercial, educational, and religious structures by architects Philip Hooker (1766–1836), Marcus T. Reynolds (1788–1864), Robert W. Gibson (1851–1927), William Schade (late nineteenth–early twentieth centuries), and more. Also included are blueprints for domestic structures listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.

A.L. Lewis Architectural Drawings MG 5 

Gander, Gander, and Gander, Architects Records HE 80-03 

Robert W. Gibson Cathedral of All Saints Drawings (inventory) 

Schade Collection (partial inventory), 1882-1997 

Bibles (120+)

Seventeenth through twentieth centuries
Printed in English, Dutch, Latin, and German, the collection includes Bibles, psalm books, and prayer books, many with genealogical information for families from Albany and the upper Hudson Valley. [Link to PDF]

Deeds and Indentures (300+)

1652 to the present
The collection contains land deeds, indentures, and legal transactions for the upper Hudson Valley.


Ephemera (600+ folders)

Eighteenth century to the present
Collection includes trade cards and catalogs, menus, postcards, brochures, souvenir programs, letterheads, billheads, and memorabilia. Link to finding aid.

Microforms (115+ items)

Twentieth century
This small collection includes microfilm and microfiche of newspapers, personal papers, scrapbooks, and government records including Thomas Cole papers and tax assessment rolls from 1799 to 1804.

Newspapers and Periodicals (270+ titles)

Eighteenth century to the present
Collection includes magazines, journals, newspapers, and newsletters covering international, national, regional, and local topics with an emphasis on art and history magazines and locally produced publications. [Link to PDF]

Certificates (100+)

Eighteenth century to the present
The collection includes awards, membership certificates, diplomas, testimonials, and commendations given to and received by individuals living in Albany and the upper Hudson Valley. 

Scrapbooks (150+)

1790s to the present
This collection consists of bound albums of newspaper clippings, ephemera, postcards, and photographs from Albany city government, families, organizations, and businesses. [Link to PDF]

Posters and Broadsides (700+)

Sixteenth century to the present
The main poster and broadside collection includes more than 400 examples for advertising, anti-rent wars, theater and musical society announcements, temperance meetings, and commemorative events. [Link to PDF]

The DeWitt Clinton broadside collection contains more than 100 examples collected by former New York State governor DeWitt Clinton and dating between 1775 and 1813. Most relate to New York State politics. [Link to PDF]

The World War I poster collection, dating 1916 to post 1918, contains posters, trolly cards, and magazine advertisements related to the war, Liberty Bonds, and anti-German propaganda. Albany Institute curator Cuyler Reynolds collected the materials during the war years. [Link to PDF]

The World War II poster collection relates to regional events, national political and social causes, and the war effort.

Almanacs (350+)

1732 to 1926
Almanacs include information related to astronomical events, the zodiac, calendars, government information, tide tables, distance logs, agricultural information, and weather. [Link to PDF]

Albany Institute Archives

1791 to the present
The museum archive consists of the official records of the Albany Institute of History & Art.

A/V Materials (350+ items)

Twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Collection includes motion-picture films, VHS videotapes, audio cassettes, compact discs, and other audio-visual materials documenting local events and culture, such as music, art openings, and community events, as well as commercially produced programs related to the art, history, and culture of the upper Hudson Valley.

Books, General (15,000+)

Nineteenth century to the present
The collection includes a selection of reference and research books with an emphasis on fine and decorative arts, as well as local, regional, and state history. Specialties include silver, Chinese export porcelain, and ancient Egypt. [Link to Library Catalogue]

Books, Special (3,000+)

Sixteenth century to the present
Collection includes books and pamphlets generally published before 1900, including Albany imprints, and books with notable provenance. [Link to Library Catalogue]

Directories (230+ items)

1813 to the present
Collection includes city and telephone directories from 1813 to the present and lists of Albany residents from 1756 to 1763.

Vertical Files (1280+)

Twentieth and twenty-first centuries
The Subject Vertical Files are arranged by subject and include newspaper clippings, research papers, genealogical records, and other information resources focusing on local topics. Also included are Biography Vertical Files on individuals and families from the region.