Museum Mythology at the Albany Institute

Ancient Egyptian Favorites

By Junior Interpreter Kimaya

Kimaya, a second year Junior Interpreter, wrote the following about her favorite parts of the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the Albany Institute of History and Art:

"I’m drawn most to Ankhefenmut, the mummy in the center of the Ancient Egyptian gallery, not just because he’s a mummy, but because of his history. Akhenfenmut was a priest and he worked at the Temple of Mut in Karnak. He most likely made reliefs and sculptures to adorn the temple. One of my favorite facts is that the statue of Sekhmet in the middle of the other room is also from that very temple. I feel like the fact that they both came from the same temple really connects the whole exhibit. Akhenfenmut also most likely worshipped some of the other gods/goddesses shown in the exhibit.

What I have always loved about the exhibit is that there is so much mythology and culture behind it. The statues and hieroglyphics represent a whole new aspect to myths and everything is interconnected. Even the jewelry has beliefs and mythology behind it. I’m glad that mummies and other preserved artifacts were discovered to find out more about their rich culture."

Photo Credit: Bust of Sekhmet, Black Granite,  18th Dynasty (1567-1320 B.C.), Temple of Mut at Karnak, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, 5-365