ArtStory: Nocturne for the Riverkeeper, Green Light

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ArtStory: Nocturne for the Riverkeeper, Green Light

This ArtStory explores Stephen Hannock's 2001 painting "Nocturne for the River Keeper, Green Light" (2001.14).

Nocturne for the River Keeper, Green Light

Nocturne for the River Keeper, Green Light, Stephen Hannock, Polished oil on canvas, 2001, Gift of Stephen Hannock, in honor of Matthew and Phoebe Bender, 2001.14

This painting is not currently on view. 

More about this painting:

Stephen Hannock painted this work especially for the Albany Institute of History & Art in 2001 and donated it to the museum in honor of museum philanthropists Matthew & Phoebe Bender. The painting is part of Hannock’s nocturnal River Keeper Series. In this painting, Hannock has included a diary which is inscribed in the lower edge of the painting, and appears visually to contribute to the sense of the mist rising off the water at the end of the day. According to the diary, this view is just south of Garrison, New York, looking west across the Hudson River to West Point.

The title of the painting pays tribute to the first Hudson River keeper, Tom Whyatt, who held this position for two and one half years beginning in 1973. The job of the river keeper is to patrol the one hundred and fifty-four mile-long river for illegal dumping, chemical spills, and other potential problems, and to maintain a general awareness on the general health of the flora and fauna living in the river through the cycle of seasons.