Found Object Rainbow

Author: Sarah Clowe, Director of Art Programs

Materials: household objects in a variety of colors
Go on a color hunt in your home and assemble a found object rainbow!

Have you been on a rainbow hunt lately?  You may have noticed a lot of rainbow pictures up in your neighborhood and across the community.  Rainbows are a cheerful symbol of better days to come and people around the world have been placing them on their windows and doors in part to celebrate those like health care workers who are helping to work towards keeping the current epidemic in control, and also to simply spread joy to their neighbors.  Families can take a walk or drive through their neighborhood and see how many rainbows they can find. It's a nice way to feel connected to others while keeping a safe distance.  Today we'll celebrate the cheerfulness of rainbows by going on a color hunt in our own homes in order to assemble found object rainbows.

Once you've finished your found object rainbows feel free to email a picture of them to me at and I'll feature them in a gallery at the end of this post!

Go on a color hunt!

What colorful objects do you have in your home?

Take a look around your home and see how many red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple objects you can find. In my example I used mostly toys but if you have a colorful kitchen you can use items from the kitchen, or maybe you have a fabulously colorful sock drawer to pull from.  The possibilities are endless!

Assemble a Rainbow

Put it in Rainbow Order

Find a flat surface to arrange your objects on and start to form a rainbow.  Rainbow order is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet or ROYGBIV for short.  To simplify things I've taken out indigo this time (and called violet purple.) You're welcome to add indigo back in if you would like to.

Add a Key to the Objects Included

What objects did you include, and what story do they tell? 

Try listing out the rainbow colors and explaining at least one object per color in your personal rainbow. In doing so you share a little bit about yourself and your household.  Here's my example:
1. Red: Boot worn with a superhero halloween costume.
2. Orange: Shutterfly box from ordering family photos.
3. Yellow: Toddler toy: egg carton filled with plastic eggs.
4. Green: Maraca- one of many percussion instruments used daily with our two year old. Can you find another percussion instrument in my rainbow?
5. Blue: Measuring cup which also doubles as a boat for toy animals and dolls.
6. Purple: Hippo that belongs with the plastic safari set in our living room.

Collections Connection: Dawn of Morning, Lake George

Jasper Cropsey
Oil on canvas, 1868
Albany Institute of History & Art Purchase 1943.95

Walking downtown (while practicing social distancing)? Check out our rainbow posted near our Washington Avenue entrance. It's from the collection and while the poster is a bit small we hope it will bring a smile to those on the #518RainbowHunt.





Published May 21, 2020