Education: Art Programs

The Art Education intern’s primary responsibility is to work in the galleries and in our studio with children and adults to help them learn about exhibitions and the Albany Institute’s permanent collection. The Art Education intern will also:

  • help produce work samples of art projects and help with lesson preparation and clean-up
  • lead groups of children and adults in discussions in the Albany Institute’s galleries to help facilitate learning about exhibitions and collections
  • instruct and lead groups in art-making activities in the studio
  • assist with the development of new lessons
  • assist with program development and administrative tasks
  • assist with special programs and events as needed
  • assist with studio and art inventory

More about the Art Education Internship

The Art Education intern will work with family programs within the Albany Institute of History and Art Education Department. Interns will work directly with experienced museum educators who will expand interns' knowledge about the field of museum education and provide guidance for professional development. Interns in this position will gain significant understanding of and experience in the field of museum education, including gallery activities and interpretive program development.

The Art Education intern will interact with children and families weekly, by assisting with discussion in the gallery and/or art lessons in the studio. These interactions will be an important component of the evaluation and development process.

Qualifications: Undergraduate/graduate student, interested in informal educational settings and art education. Candidates should also possess:

  • a rudimentary understanding of and respect for learning styles and teaching techniques
  • knowledge of art and art technique. Must have organizational skills and an aptitude for organizing information in a simple, usable, and amendable fashion
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills required. Must be willing to work with diverse groups of people including educators, volunteers, children, and parents

Please contact Sarah Clowe, Director of Art Programs, to inquire about internships within the Education Department.


The development intern’s primary responsibility is to assist in the day-to-day operation of the development department. The intern will work with the entire development team on a variety of projects:

  • Assist in the preparation of appeals
  • Participate in the planning of the museum’s special events
  • Facilitate the growth of the museum’s corporate and grants program
  • Work with development staff to further various campaigns and initiatives as they arise

Please contact the Ellie Burhans to learn more about internships.

Event Planning:

The event planning intern’s primary responsibility is to assist in the day-to-day operation of the Event and Space-Rental Program. The intern will help:

  • develop and organize the existing space-rental program,and field space-rental inquiries
  • assist with the planning and execution of events
  • work with clients and vendors in a variety of settings 
  • become familiar with the space AIHA rents to customers, as well as the terms, regulations, and pricing associated with the spaces
  • communicate this information in a clear manner to potential customers
  • assist with the marketing of the space-rental program via the web, print material, etc.

Please contact Ellie Burhans, Development Manager, to inquire about internships within the Development Department.

Museum Shop:

The Museum Shop intern’s primary responsibility is to assist in the day-to-day operation of the Museum Shop.  Duties include cash register operations, customer service, merchandising, security, and inventory control and database management.

The Museum Shop intern also assists the shop manager with research and special projects as needed, and helps with a variety of events, such as exhibition openings, author book signings, vendor craft fairs, and off-site marketing opportunities.   Interns interact with the public on a daily basis and are expected to provide visitors with information about shop merchandise, as well as the museum’s facilities, collections, exhibitions, and educational programs. 

Please contact Elizabeth Bechand, Museum Shop Manager, to inquire about internships within the Museum Shop.