Tulip Quilt 2: Youth

Author: Sarah Clowe, Director of Art Programs

Thank you for submitting your artwork for our virtual celebration of the Tulip Festival!

The tulip artwork submitted to us by our wonderful community has been digitally "stitched" together into Tulip Quilts.  We had many entries from both adult and youth artists.  After revealing the Adult Tulip Art Quilt today we're happy to showcase the Youth Tulip Art Quilt.  This digital quilt features works by 80 young and promising artists, and the structure of the digital quilt is edited from a crib quilt in the museum's collection.

Is your artwork in the quilt?  Thank you! If you'd like to download a copy for yourself here is a PDF link: Youth Tulip Quilt 

To read more about Albany's Tulip Festival and how the city and cultural organizations are celebrating virtually you may visit: Discover Albany's Q&A: Discover Tulip Festival's Fascinating History & Dutch Roots

Quilts in the Collection

I've used quilts from the museum's collection as both inspiration and as a template for our own Tulip Quilts.  The youth edition of the Tulip Art Challenge Quilt was created using a c. 1840-1860 Pieced Crib Quilt as a structure to insert our current day artists' works into.  I've edited over the original quilt blocks with the tulip artwork submitted.

Click the link below to view the original historic quilt:

Published May 10, 2020