Book Arts School Partnership

2020-2021 Book Arts

Museum School Partnership Program

In the 2020-2021 school year, 300 students from 6 schools in the City School Districts of Albany and Troy participated in an interdisciplinary program led by teaching artists and museum educators.  Throughout the school year, students kept sketchbooks and took part in observational drawing lessons that encouraged them to reflect upon their everyday life and surroundings in a thoughtful manner.  Students built a collection of drawings in their sketchbooks with the guidance of teaching artists in addition to their classroom and art teachers over the course of 6 program sessions.  The project culminated with the children selecting their favorite drawings from the program and placing them in portfolio books that they handcrafted along with captions describing their artwork.

Book Arts classroom lessons were led by a children's book illustrator, an archaeologist, an art teacher, and museum educators.  Photographs of the student participation in the Book Arts program which was converted to a virtual platform due to COVID-19 can be viewed in the galleries below.  The galleries organized by school showcase the artwork created when photographs were available as well as images of the students as they participated in the virtual sessions.

The program was led by the museum's Director of Art Programs, Sarah Clowe, Museum Educator, Victoria Waldron as well as three specialty teaching artists.  Teaching artists in the school partnership include:

The Book Arts school partnership program is partially funded by NYSCA and is also supported by the Carl E. Touhey Foundation.


Click on the images below to view the individual school galleries.