Post-visit Activities

Post-visit Lesson:

Suggested Activity For Grades 2–3:

Time required: 30–40 minutes
Theme: Change over time
Materials: drawing paper, markers, pencils, paint, etc.


  1.  Ask children to predict what changes they will see in their community that will make it a better place when they are their parents’ age. (Brainstorm. Make a list on the board.)
  2. Create a picture of what the community will look like.
  3. Children should then write a caption or paragraph to explain their picture.

Suggested Activity For Grade 4-5:

Time required: 40-60 minutes
Theme: Change over time
Materials/Web Resources:  Display Asher B. Durand’s painting Catskill Mountains (1987.20.2) and the print Newark Lime and Cement Company’s Works (u1977.146). A graphic organizer (example organizer:


  1. Examine and discuss these two pieces from the museum’s collection.
  2. Using the graphic organizer, compare and contrast these two works of art.
  3. Once the organizer is complete, use the information to write an essay explaining how people change their physical environment as communities grew.